YATONO-CONV LE conversion cable

YATONO-CONV LE変換ケーブル 4.4mm、2.5mm、3.5mm(3極・4極)を相互に変換する変換ケーブル全9種類です。

※4.4mm、2.5mm、3.5mm(3極・4極)を相互に変換可能です。 BriseAudioのフラグシップイヤフォンケーブルYATONOと同じ線材を採用。

The same concept as the YATONO-LE earphone re-cable was used in the production of the YATONO-LE. It is recommended to use them as a set because of their good compatibility.


 YATONO線材の持つ圧倒的なポテンシャルを感じて頂ける変換ケーブルです。 ラインナップにない内容の変換ケーブルも特注可能ですので、ぜひご相談ください。


Converts 4.4mm to 3-pole 3.5mm.

4.4mm to 4 pos 3.5mm

Converts 4 pos 3.5mm to 4.4mm.

Converts 4 pos 3.5mm to 2.5mm.

4 pos 3.5mm to 3 pos 3.5mm

2.5mm to 3-pole 3.5mm

Converts 2.5mm to 4 pos 3.5mm.

Converts 2.5mm to 5 pos 4.4mm.

Newly developed original L-shaped plugs

Newly developed original L-shaped plugs (4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3-pole 3.5mm, 4-pole 3.5mm) have been adopted, developed for LE grade, with consideration to material and rigidity.

Product line-up

YATONO-CONV-LE 変換ケーブル 5極4.4mm to 4極L2.5mm【型番:YACVLE-544t425L】JAN:4589796707349
YATONO-CONV-LE 変換ケーブル 5極4.4mm to 4極L3.5mm【型番:YACVLE-544t435L】JAN:4589796707356
YATONO-CONV-LE conversion cable 5-pole 4.4mm to 3-pole L3.5mm [Model number: YACVLE-544t335L] JAN:4589796707363

YATONO-CONV-LE 変換ケーブル 4極2.5mm to L4.4mm【型番:YACVLE-425t544L】JAN:4589796707370
YATONO-CONV-LE 変換ケーブル 4極2.5mm to 4極L3.5mm【型番:YACVLE-425t435L】JAN:4589796707387
YATONO-CONV-LE conversion cable 4-pole 2.5mm to 3-pole L3.5mm [Model Number: YACVLE-425t335L] JAN:4589796707394

YATONO-CONV-LE 変換ケーブル 4極3.5mm to L4.4mm【型番:YACVLE-435t544L】JAN:4589796707400
YATONO-CONV-LE conversion cable 4-pole 3.5mm to 4-pole L2.5mm [Model number: YACVLE-435t425L] JAN:4589796707417
YATONO-CONV-LE conversion cable 4-pole 3.5mm to 3-pole L3.5mm [Model number: YACVLE-435t335L] JAN:4589796707424

・ケーブル長さ8cm(プラグを含まず) その他の仕様でもお作りいたしますのでご希望ございましたらお問い合わせください。
The pin assignment of the 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug is TRRS (from the end).

SONY ZX2, NW-WM1Z/1A, OPPO products, etc.
多くのメーカーが採用しているピンアサインです。 (特殊なアサインも対応可能です。)

*Do not insert a 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug into a 4-pole Φ3.5mm jack. 4.4mm jack on the SONY NW-WM1Z/1A supports balanced connections and may cause damage. Be sure to insert a 4-pole 3.5mm plug into the jack.


ConductorHigh-performance high-purity copper conductor
structureYATONO-LE alone tweeter construction
Special Processes-
IsolationSpecial High Performance Resins
TerminalDepends on each specification
Warranty Period1 year

The grades supported by YATONO-MINI LE are


BriseAudio's cable grades
 線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード
It will be decided by.



Stores with YATONO-CONV LE listening devices

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If the cables are deployed but are not available in the store for audition, please contact the store staff.

◆e earphone Akihabara store 
Shinto-Bldg., 4-7-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan TEL (Navidial): 0570-06-1118 (reception hours: 11:00 - 20:00)
There are all kinds of listening devices on display.

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