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- This is a re-cable that the Brise Audio team has designed to enhance the features of the FOCAL UTOPIA SG, applying its own unique sound quality design.

- It utilizes the renowned 8-core YATONO wire to bring out the characteristics of the FOCAL UTOPIA SG, adopting a dedicated proprietary high-quality sound construction.

- We introduced this device as a trial listening unit and spent time tuning it meticulously.

- We design appropriate materials and construction methods/placement from various materials such as CNT, special electromagnetic wave absorption shielding materials, BS sheets, and other new materials.

- For parts used and high-quality construction, we adopt components equivalent to the Ultimate grade tailored to the UTOPIA SG.

- For the player-side plugs, all are Ultimate grade Brise Audio originals: 4.4mm (OFC), 6.3mm (OFC), 4-pin XLR, and 3-pin XLRx2, allowing for both balanced and unbalanced connections.

BSHP for UTOPIA SGSee the details of

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