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MURAKUMO2-USB is a MURAKUMO grade USB cable from Brise Audio, which is designed to be used with TYPE-C connectors, which have been increasing in recent years, and is dedicated solely to the pursuit of sound quality, The MURAKUMO grade USB cables are designed to be used as audio USB cables, and are dedicated solely to the pursuit of sound quality.

The connector can be selected from Type-C, Standard-A, and Standard-B.

Brise Audio's original wire materials are used.
 Special high-performance monocrystalline copper is used for the conductor, in addition to double shielding with an OFC braided shield around the cable perimeter and an aluminum foil/PET composite film shield,
 In addition, the core wire for data communication is additionally shielded with an OFC braided shield to prevent not only external noise but also mutual interference between the power and data communication lines.

Sound quality tuning using BriseAudio's original high sound quality technology (originally developed special CNT material*1, multiple materials including BS sheet*2, etc.)
 MURAKUMO adds more special materials at high cost and all the construction points.

Type-C to C cable is USB-PD compatible, capable of communicating between devices and automatically recognizing the upstream host side (Source) and downstream device side (Sink)

MURAKUMO2 for USBSee the details of

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