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This website is Brise Audio Co., Ltd.Is operated. On this site, the terms "we", "our", and "our" are Brise Audio Co., Ltd.Is pointing to.Brise Audio Co., Ltd.This site, including all the information, tools, and services that are available from this site, is provided by the user's customer agreeing to all conditions, policies, and precautions described on this site. I will provide you.

By visiting this site or purchasing a product from our company, customers have agreed to be engaged in our "service" and are restrained under the following conditions ("service conditions" and "rules"). Become. This includes additional conditions and policies referenced by this site and / or hyperlinks. These Terms of Use apply to all users on this site. This includes browsers, vendors, customers, merchant, and / or content providers, but are not limited.

Please read the Terms of Use carefully before accessing or using this site. By accessing or using any of this site, you will agree to the Terms of Use. If you do not agree with all the terms of the Terms of Use, you will not be able to access the website or use any service.

New features and tools added to the current store shall also follow these Terms of Use. The latest version of the Terms of Use can be confirmed at any time on this page. The Company reserves the right to update, change, or replace the terms of use by posting and/or changes on the Terms of Use on our website. It is the customer responsibility to check this page regularly and confirm the change. After the change, the customer continues to use this website or access this website, so that some changes in these Terms of use are considered.

Our store is operated by Shopify Inc. Shopify Inc. offers an online e -commerce platform for selling products and services to customers.

Section 1 -Online Store Terms

By agreeing to these Terms of Use, customers have reached the adult age at least in the state or region where they live, or reach the adult age in the state or region where the customer's dependent family is booked. Expass that you agree to use the site.

Customers must not use our products for illegal or illegal purposes, and violate the law in the jurisdiction of the customer's jurisdiction (including copyright law) in the use of this service. Not.

Also, do not send worms, viruses, or destructive codes.

If any of these Terms are violated or violated, your services will be completed immediately.

Paragraph 2 General conditions

We have the right to refuse the service at any time, for any reason.

Customers are transferred to your content (not included credit card information) without encrypted, conforms to (a) Transfer through various networks, and (b) the technical requirements of the network or device to be connected. But we understand that there may be changes to adapt. Credit card information is always encrypted when transferring on the network.

Customers are duplicated, copied, copied, and copies of websites on the service, access to this service, or provided this service, without any explicit permission from our document. We agree that we do not sell, resell, or use.

The headlines used in these Terms are included for convenience, and does not limit or affect these agreements.

Article 3-Information accuracy, integrity and timidability

We are not responsible if the information available on this site lack accuracy, integrity, or latestness. The materials on this site are provided only as general information, and relies as the only basis for making decisions without consulting with more accurate, perfect, more timely information sources. It should not be used or used. Depending on the material on this site, it is based on your own responsibility.

This site may contain specific historical information. Historical information is not always the latest, but only for customer reference. We have the right to change the contents of this site at any time, but we are not obliged to update the information on this site. You agree that it is your responsibility to monitor the change of our site.

Section 4 -Change of service and price

The price of our products may be changed without notice.

We have the right to change or stop this service (or some of them) without notice.

We are not responsible for the customer or any third party for modification, price change, suspension or cancellation of the service.

Section 5 Products or Services (if applicable)

Certain products or services may only be available online through this website. These products or services may be limited in quantities and are only returned or exchanged only according to our return provisions.

We strive to display the colors and images of the products displayed at the store as accurately as possible. We do not guarantee that the colors displayed on your computer monitor are accurate.

We have the right to restrict the sales of our products or services to any individual, geographical region, or judicial rights, but is not obligatory. We can exercise this right on a case -by -case basis. We have the right to limit the quantity of any product or service provided by the Company. Explanations or prices of all products may be changed at any time without notice. We also have the right to stop any product at any time. Providing any products or services performed on this site is also invalid in areas that are prohibited.

The Company does not guarantee that the quality of the products, services, information, and other materials purchased or acquired by the customer satisfies the customer's expectations, and the error in this service will be corrected.

Article 6-Accuracy of invoice and account information

We have the right to refuse any orders to order from the Company. The Company can limit or cancel the purchase quantity for each person, one household, or one order at its own discretion. These restrictions may include orders using the same customer account, the same credit card, and / or the same claimed address / shipping address. When changing or canceling an order, the Company may strive to notify the customer by contacting the address / / / phone number provided at the time of order. We have the right to limit or prohibit orders that are considered to be caused by dealers, resellers, and sellers at our own discretion.

You agree to provide the latest, perfect and accurate purchases and account information for all products purchased in our shop. You agree that you will promptly update your account, credit card number and expiration date so that we can complete your transactions and contact you as needed. I will do it.

For more information, please check the return policy.

Article 7-Optional tool

We may provide customers with access to third -party tools that do not monitor, control, or enter.

The customer acknowledges that we will provide access to such tools to provide "as it is" and "available" without any kind of warranty, expression or conditions, and without any support. I agree. We are not responsible for the use of third -party optional tools by the customer.

All tools provided through this site are based on your own responsibility and judgment, and you need to be familiar with the conditions of the tool provided by the related third -party providers and approve this. I have.

In the future, we may provide new services and / or functions through this site (including new tools and resources). Such new features and services are also subject to these Terms of Use.

Article 8-Third-party link

Content, product and services available through this service may include third -party materials.

A third -party link on this site may guide customers to a third -party website, which has nothing to do with the Company. We are not responsible for investigating or evaluating content or accuracy. In addition, the Company does not guarantee any of third -party materials or websites, or other materials, products or services of third parties, and are not responsible for any responsibility.

We are not responsible for any damages or losses that occur in connection with the products, services, resources, content, or other transactions related to a third -party website. Hmm. Before trading, check and understand the third party's policies and practices. For complaints, complaints, concerns, or questions about third -party products, go directly to the third party.

Article 9-User comments, feedback and other submits

If a customer sends a specific submission (for example, a contest application work) based on our request, or regardless of the request of our company, creative ideas, proposals, plans, plans, and others When the materials are sent by online, e -mail, postal, and other methods (hereinafter referred to as "comments"), the customer is always sent to us without any restrictions. We agree that comments can be used in editing, copying, publishing, distribution, translation, and other media. The Company has no obligation to hold (1) confidentiality of comments, (2) pay for comments, and (3) respond to comments.

We are illegal, aggressive, threatening, slander, defamation, pornography, obscene, or other content that we have judged at our own discretion, content that violates the intellectual property of others and the terms of use. Can be monitored, edited, and deleted, but there is no obligation.

You agree that your comment does not infringe the rights of third parties, including copyright, trademark rights, privacy, personal rights, and other personal or ownership rights. In addition, customers will have some impact on the management of the service or related websites, as they do not include slander, other illegal, other illegal, abusive things, and obsceneness. I agree that it does not include the potential computer virus or other malware. Customers must not use a fake email address, become a person other than himself, or deceive the company or third party for comments. Customers are responsible for their own comments and their accuracy. We are not responsible for the comments posted by the customer or third party.

Article 10-Personal information

If you submit your personal information through this store, our privacy policy is applied. Click here to see the personal information protection policy.

Section 11 -error, incorrectness, and dropout

Occasionally, on our website or this service, there may be information, incorrect information, or dropouts, in relation to product description, price, promotion, offer, product shipping fee, transportation time, stock status. I have. If we have any information on this service or related websites when we correctly correct, incorrect, or omitted, and are inaccurate the information on the service or related websites without any notification in advance (including after the customer sends an order). , Change or update information and reserve the right to cancel your order.

We are not obliged to update, fix or clarify information on the services or related websites, including price information, unless the law is obliged by law. The specific update date or refresh date applied on this service or related website should not be considered that all information on the Service or Related Website has been modified or updated.

Article 12-Prohibited use

In addition to other prohibited items described in the Terms of Use, customers are forbidden to use this site or content. (A) For illegal purposes, (b) (b) In order to solicit or participate in illegal acts to others, (c) international, federal, regulations, laws, or regional ordinances To violate (d) to violate or violate the intellectual property right of our intellectual property or others. (e) Gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic, races, age, nationality, harassment, abuse, insult, harm, slander, disdain, intimidation, or discrimination (F) False or misunderstanding Submit information that invites (g) This service, related websites, other websites, or the possibility of being used or used in a way that affects the functions and management of the Internet Uploading or transmitting certain viruses and other types of malicious code (H) Collection or tracking other people's personal information. (i) Spam, Fishing, Farming, Pretty Quest, Spider, Crawling, Scraping, (J) Observing or immoral purpose, (K) Related or related websites, other websites, and Internet security functions. Avoid. We reserve the right to terminate the use of this service or related websites of customers who violated the prohibited use.

Article 13-Renewal of warranty, restrictions on responsibility

The Company does not guarantee, expenditure, or secure that the service of our services is not interrupted, timely, safe, without errors.

In addition, we do not guarantee that the results obtained by the use of this service are accurate or reliable.

You agree that the Company will delete services or suspend services indefinitely without notifying the customer at any time.

You will explicitly agree that the use or use of the service is your own responsibility. All products and services provided to customers through this service and services (except in the case of the Company explicitly described), provided "as it is" and "available" for the use of customers. Any type of statement, including all implied guarantees or conditions for product properties, product quality, conformity, durability, rights, and non -infringement, regardless of explicit or implicitness. There are no warranty or conditions.

In any case Brise Audio Co., Ltd., Our directors, officers, employees, affiliated companies, agents, contractors, internships, suppliers, service providers, and licensors are based on contracts, illegal activities (including negligence) Type injury, loss, claim, or direct, indirect, accidental, punishment, special, or as a result (include profit loss, income loss, savings loss, data loss, exchange costs, or similar damage We are not responsible for not being limited. Regardless of whether it is a contract, tort (including negligence), strict responsibilities, or whether or not it is based on or not Other claims related to the use of the product (incorrect or dropped content, or posted, transmitted through the Service or this Service, or the use of content (or products) that became available in other ways Includes any kind of loss or damage of all kinds, but not limited to these). In some states or laws, there is no exclusion or restrictions of the liability or restrictions on the result or accidental damage, so in such a state or the law, our responsibilities are in the maximum range permitted by law. Limited.

Article 14 -Compensation

Customers are raised by third parties due to the fact that the customer violates the documents incorporated by the Terms of Use or the Terms of Use, or the customer violating the law or third party rights. Regarding any claims or requests, including rational lawyer fees, Brise Audio Co., Ltd.And our parent company, subsidiary, affiliated company, partner, executive, director, agent, contractor, service provider, subcontractor, supplier, intern and employees agree to defend, and exempt I will do it.

Article 15-Possibility

Even if any of the terms of the Terms of Use is determined to be illegal or invalid, this provision can be executed within the maximum range permitted by the Application Law, and the unable to execute is separated from these Terms. It is deemed to have been made, but such judgments do not affect the validity and execution of the remaining clause.

Article 16-End

The duty and debt of the parties that occur before the end date shall continue after the end of this agreement for any purpose.

These Terms of Use are valid until the end of the customer or the Company, and until it ends. You can end the Terms of Use at any time by notifying the Company that you do not want to use our service or stopping the use of our site.

If we decide that the customer has not complied with any of the terms and the terms of the Terms of Use or not complying, we can end these Terms of use at any time without notice, and the customer ends. We are responsible for all the amounts to be paid by the day.

Article 17-Complete agreement

Even if the Company does not exercise or execute any right or provisions of the Terms of Use, it shall not abandon the right or clause.

The Policy or Operation Rules published by the Company in connection with these Terms of Use and the Site or Service is a complete agreement and understanding between the customer and the Company, and the use of the Service by the customer. Yes, regardless of whether or not verbal or written, gives priority to all pre -or simultaneous agreements, communication and proposals (including the old version of the Terms of Service).

Even if there is an ambiguous point in the interpretation of these Terms of Use, it will not be disadvantageous to the drooling side.

Article 18-Compliance law

These Terms of Use and individual contracts for the Company to provide services to customers are interpreted in conjunction with the laws of Japan.

Article 19-Change of terms of use

You can always check the latest terms of use on this page.

The Company has the right to update, change, or replace some of the Terms of Use by posting or making changes to our website at our own discretion. Customers are responsible for regularly checking for any change in our website. Even after the change of the Terms of Use is posted, if the customer continues or accessed our website or this service, the change shall be accepted.

Section 20 -Contact information

If you have any questions about the Terms of Use,info@briseaudio.jp Please send it up.

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