Our Team

The BriseAudio development team consists of highly qualified engineers in the development of audio cables, audio components, and high-end earphones.

All engineers are constantly developing not only sophisticated engineering theories, but also focusing on a high level of listening experience.

For this reason, we have world-class audio systems at the disposal of all team members at all times.

In addition, our cable development department, audio component development department, and high-end earphone development department work in close collaboration to develop products.

Furthermore, we are actively involved in the development of technologies that we do not have, and we invite collaborators from outside the company to work on joint research and development with other companies.


Our History

BriseAudio was born after more than 20 years of pursuit of the sound quality produced by high-end audio systems.

The company's continuous pursuit of sound quality improvement in everything from home audio to headphones and portable audio has made BriseAudio what it is today.

BriseAudio began 20 years ago when Keiichi Watanabe, who had already started research, development, and sales of audio cables, and Naoki Okada, then just an Audiophile, met and were impressed by Watanabe's cables.

Okada, who at the time was fascinated by the excellent sound of the cables produced by Watanabe, was impressed with the cables produced by Watanabe.He decided to replace all of the cables he was using at the time with cables produced by Watanabe.

This experience led Okada to ask Watanabe to produce all of his cables.

He told Watanabe what sound quality he was looking for, and through repeated trial and error, listening tests, and discussions, he continued to develop cables (as well as equipment other than cables and audio accessories) to bring them closer to the ideal sound quality.

This is the cornerstone of the high-end cable concierge service that BriseAudio is most proud of.

As we continued to sell custom-made cables for high-end audio users, we realized that we had to increase the scale of our development in order to pursue our ideals, and that we needed to improve our research by exposing our products to the ears of a larger number of users. We felt the need to increase the scale of our development in order to further pursue our ideals, and decided to launch BriseAudio on May 21, 2015.

Even today, BriseAudio's sound continues to be improved day by day through trial and error and by inviting new development members and sometimes experts from outside the company, and by debating opinions day and night through trial and error and comparative listening tests.

This philosophy is shared not only in cable development, but also in the development of audio components, audio accessories, and a wide range of other research and development activities and materials related to sound quality improvement, and remains true even now, more than 20 years after the founding members met.

Today, BriseAudio is still operated only by a small group of elite members who agree with this philosophy.


Our Value

Our company's origins have made us specialized in developing and proposing products from the user's point of view in pursuit of high sound quality.

In the audio hobbyThere is no absolute best sound.Based on the belief that there is no absolute best sound, and that the best sound must exist for each user, we are able to help users achieve the ideal sound they seek based on the know-how we have gained through years of experience and research and development.

We believe that the absolute best sound exists, and that the best sound for each user should exist.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve their ideal sound quality.BriseAudiois to maximize the value of BriseAudio, Inc.