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ASUHA-Ref.2 earphone re-cable


In earphone re-cable ASUHA Ref.2ASUHAASUHA Rh2+BriseAudio's original 8-core cable is also used for ASUHA ASUHA Rh2+. This model is designed for easy handling in actual use while giving maximum consideration to sound quality.
The ASUHA wire material has a very high potential for sound production with a wide range while maintaining the high resolution and low distortion that are BriseAudio's hallmarks.

In ASUHA Ref.2, the know-how gained through the development of YATONO has been applied, and by combining carbon nanotube material (*1) with the conventional electromagnetic absorber shield, and by employing a variety of other materials, we have been able to achieve a high level of sound quality.
Ref.2 has achieved a sound quality that is one step ahead of the conventional Ref. series.
This has made it possible to maximize the potential of ASUHA wire materials.
BriseAudio's custom-made L-shaped OFC plugs (5-pin 4.4mm, 3-pin 3.5mm, 4-pin 3.5mm, 4-pin 2.5mm) designed by Nihon Dics are used for the amplifier connection side. connectors are adopted. Furthermore, the terminals for A2DC, PentacconEar, and Sony's IER-Z1R are used exclusively. In addition, the official store also offers special orders to match various types of earphones.
The sound is characterized by clarity and wide range, and boasts a high level of reproducibility for today's speedy sources. It has a solid core strength and torque, and is characterized by a three-dimensional sound image expression that is easy to grasp.
The product's clear sound reproduction with a wide range and well-defined contours is one of our benchmarks, and it is a product that shows excellent characteristics.

1 Typical characteristics of CNT are
20 times stronger than steel, 10 times more thermally conductive than copper, and half the density of aluminum.
Excellent shielding capability. Various other useful physical properties.
(Properties vary depending on whether CNTs are single-phase or multi-layered.)

Customer Reviews

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現在主に使っているイヤホンはUM MASON II、UM Marverick II Re、64Audio Nioですが、MASONの高音をもう少し出るようにしたいなと思ってASUHA-Rh2+を購入した結果、狙い通りMASON IIの高音は出るようになりましたが、Marverick II ReとRh2+の相性が悪くASUHA-Ref.2はどうだろうと思い購入しました。
まず、MASON IIでの感想ですが、全域解像度が上がって高音から低音まで非常にバランスよく鳴っていて、もう少し高音が・・・という思いも無くなりました。
Marverick II Reとの相性も良く、高音の伸びは残しつつRh2+では引っ込んでしまった中音も前に出て来てとても良い感じです。
またNio(Apex ModuleはMX黒)との相性も良く、Rh2+では低音が広がり気味で低音の主張が多いイヤホンの印象だったのが、Ref.2では低音の締まりがよくなりバランスもよくなりました。



ASUHA-Ref.2 earphone re-cableThe corresponding grade

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