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USB cable for audio ACCURATE-US (USB 2.0 compatible)


・ACCURATE-USB was developed in pursuit of sound quality as an audio USB cable compatible with TYPE-C connectors, which have been increasing in recent years.

・Connector can be selected from Type-C, Standard-A, and Standard-B

・ACCURATE-USB developed original wire materials.
 Special high-purity single crystal copper is used for the conductor, and in addition to the double shielding of copper braided shield and aluminum foil/PET composite film shield on the outer circumference of the cable,
 an additional copper braided shield is applied to the core wire for data communication to counter not only external noise but also mutual interference between power and data

・Sound quality tuning using BriseAudio's proprietary high sound quality technology (multiple materials including proprietary special CNT material*1, BS sheet*2, etc.)

・Type-C to C cable is USB-PD compliant and communicates between devices, automatically recognizing the upstream host side (Source) and downstream device side (Sink)

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This is my first high class sound cable I've used. I never thought the cable brings me so big changes. 

After replaced my old stock USB-C cable to this Accurate-USB cable, the sound changes a lot. 

I feel the background becomes dark, this make the music more clear. Also the vocal also makes me surprised that becomes much clear. The vocal goes a little coward, but it does not affect the back music. The instruments still keep clear. 

Both match more perfect. I use Sony IER-Z1R, when you listsn to the music, it obviously make me feel comfortable. 

My friend own a Brise Audio BSEP for Z1R, he lent me the cable with the USB-C cable I ordered from Brize Audio. And I decided ordering the same cable for my Z1R. And more, for push my earphone to it's ability, I also order YATONO 8 Wire earphone cable as well. 

I think I really fall in love with what sound quality of  Brise Audio brings me. 

Brise Accurate USB and Yatono Ultimate 8W

both cables were even better than I could imagine, the quality and craftsmanship is top notch and the sound of the Ultimate is on the same lavel with the likes of the Orpheus Shielded

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