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Privacy policy

In this privacy policy, when you visit or purchase this site,, "This site" or "our company") will explain how to collect, use and disclose personal information.

Collection of personal information

When the customer is accessed to this site, we will collect information about your device, information on your operation on this site, and the information you need for your purchase procedure. Also, if you are contacted by us for customer support, we may collect additional information. In this privacy policy, all information (including the following information) that allows individuals to be uniquely identified is called "personal information." See the list below for the types of personal information you collect and why.

Device information

Example of personal information to collect: Web browser versions, IP addresses, time zones, cookies information, which sites and products have been browsed, search words, interaction methods with this site, etc.

Purpose of collection: In order to accurately read this site for customers and to optimize this site, analyze the usage status of this site.

The source of collection. It is automatically collected when you use cookies, log files, web beacons, tags, or pixels when you access our site.

Disclosure for business purposes: Share with our dealer, SHOPIFY.

Order information

Example of personal information to be collected: Name, billing address, delivery address, payment information (including credit card number), e -mail address, and telephone number.

Purpose of collection: Providing products or services to customers to fulfill our contract, processing customer's payment information, arranging delivery, providing invoices and / or order confirmations, In contact with customers, judge our orders for potential risks or fraud, and if the customer is in line with the taste shared with us, provide information or ads related to our products or services. Provide to customers.

Collection source: Collect from customers.

Disclosure for business purposes: Share with our processor, SHOPIFY.

Customer support information

An example of personal information collected. Delivery information.

Purpose of collection. To provide customer support.

Collection source. Collect from customers.

Disclosure for business purposes: Case by case.



This site is not for those under the age of 18. We do not intentionally collect personal information from children. If you are a custody and your child seems to have provided your personal information to us, please contact the following contacts.

Sharing personal information

As described above, we will provide our services and share your personal information with service providers to fulfill your contract with customers. For example, the following cases.

We operate an online store using SHOPIFY. Click here for how Shopify uses your personal information:

In order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, we share the personal information of our customers to respond to the request of summoning, investigation ordinances, and other legal provisions, or to protect our rights. I have.

Behavioral advertising

As mentioned above, we will use your personal information to provide customers with target advertisements and marketing communication that we think that customers are interested. For example, the following.

We use Google Analytics to understand the usage status of this site. Click here for how Google uses your personal information. To opt -out, please see here.

We share information about the use, purchase of this website, and contact with our advertising on other websites with our advertising partners. Some of these information will be collected and shared directly with advertising partners, but in some cases, collected through the use of cookies and other similar technologies (in some areas of customers, customers may agree). Share.

For more information about the mechanism of targeting advertising, please look at the Network Advertising Initiative (hereinafter "Nai") Educational Page (

You can stop distribution of target ads in the following ways.

Facebook -

Google -


You can also opt out a part of these services by accessing the Digital Advertising Alliance

Use of personal information

We use your personal information to provide services to customers. This includes the provision of sales products, processing payments, shipping and fulfilling orders, providing the latest information on new products, services, and offer.

Legal basis

If you are a resident in the European economic region (EEA) according to the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR), we will handle your personal information based on the following legal basis.

Customer consent.

Performing a contract between the customer and this site.

Compliance with our legal obligations

To protect your important interests.

To carry out the business conducted for public interests

For our basic rights and the legitimate benefits of our company that does not freely prioritize.


If you order through this site, we will hold your personal information as our record unless you want to erase this information. For more information about your right to delete, see the following sections of "Customer Rights".

Automatic decision -making

If the customer is an EEA resident, the customer has a legal effect on the customer for the processing based on only automated decision -making (including profiling). You have the right to disagree if you have a big impact on customers.

The Company does not make a completely automated decision to use your data to have a legal or other significant impact.

SHOPIFY, our processor, will make limited automatic decisions to prevent fraud, not to have a legal or other important impact on customers.

The services that include the elements of automated decision -making are as follows.

A temporary rejection list of IP addresses related to repeated failures. This denirist will be displayed continuously for several hours.

A temporary rejection list of credit cards related to the rejected IP address. This rejected list will continue for just a few days.

Customer rights


If the customer is an EEA resident, the customer has the right to access the customer's personal information, the right to transplant it to a new service, the right to correct, renew, and delete personal information. If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact us from the following contacts.

Customer personal information is initially processed in Ireland, and is later transferred and stored outside Europe, including Canada and the United States. For more information about how data transfer is compliant with GDPR, shopify's gdpr whitepaper:


If you live in California, you have the right to access the personal information of our customers (also known as the "right to know"), the right to transplant the personal information, the right to port your personal information. , We have the right to call out. If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact us from the following contacts.

If you want to specify a regular agent to submit these requests on behalf of the customer, please contact the following contact.


Cookies are a small amount of information downloaded to your computer or device when you access this site. We use various types of cookies, including functional cookies, performance cookies, advertising cookies, social media or content cookies. Cookies make your browsing better by the websites remember your behavior and preference (login or local choice). This eliminates the need to re -enter this information every time the customer returns to the site or moves from a certain page to another page. Cookies also provide information on how customers are using websites, for example, whether they are first visited or frequently visited.

We use the following cookies to optimize your experience on this site and provide our services.

Cookies required for the store function

Name function

_Ab Used in connection with access to administrators.

_secure_session_ID It is used in connection with navigation at the front.

Used in connection with CART shopping cart.

Used for Cart_sig check -out.

Used in connection with Cart_ts check -out.

It is used in connection with checkout out -out.

Used in connection with Secret check -out.

Secure_customer_SIG Used in connection with customer login.

StoreFront_digest Use when logging in the customer.

_shopify_u Use to update your account information.

Report and analysis

Name function

_tracking_consent tracking settings.

_Landing_page Landing page tracking

_orig_referrer tracking the landing page.

_S Shoppi Fai's analytics.

_shopify_fs Shoppi Fai's analytics.

_shopify_s SHOPIFY analytics.

_shopify_sa_p Marketing and referral analytics related to referral.

_shopify_sa_t Analysis of SHOPIFY related to marketing and referral.

_shopify_y analytics.

_Y Shoppi Fai's analytics.


During the period of cookies on your computer or mobile device, it depends on whether it is a "per system" cookie or a "session" cookie. Session cookies continue until the customer stops browsing, and the per system cookies continue until the expiration date is expired or deleted. Most of the cookies we use are permanent and expands between 30 and two years from the date of downloaded to your device.

Customers can control and manage cookies in various ways. Please note that deleting or blocking cookies may adversely affect your user experience and may not be able to completely access part of our website.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but customers can choose whether to accept cookies through browser control. It is often seen in the browser "tool" or "environment setting" menu. For more information on how to change the browser settings and how to block, manage and filter cookies, you can check the browser help files and sites such as

Also, please note that even if you block cookies, you may not be able to completely prevent information sharing with third partners such as advertising partners. To exercise your rights and refuse to use the customer's information by these third parties, follow the instructions under the above -mentioned "behavioral advertisement".

Tracking prohibition

Regarding the response to the "tracking prohibition" signal, there is no consistent understanding in the industry, so even if such a signal is detected from the customer's browser, it is necessary to change our data collection and usage. Please note that there is no.


The Company may update the Privacy Policy at any time in order to reflect the changes in our business content, or for other operations, legal and regulated reasons.

contact address for details, questions, or complaints about our personal information protection policyPlease contact us or contact the following contacts.

Brise Audio Co., Ltd., 〒370-1134 135-5 Yorokubu, Sawa-gun, Gunma Prefecture

Last update January 31, 2022

If you are not satisfied with our complaint, you will have the right to complain to the related data protection authorities. You can contact your local data protection authorities.

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