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 ・This is a re-cable designed by the Brise Audio team to maximize the features of the Meze Audio ELITE.

 ・It utilizes the renowned 8-core YATONO wire to bring out the best in the Meze Audio ELITE, employing a dedicated, proprietary high-quality construction.

 ・The unit has been introduced as a trial listening device, and tuning has been meticulously conducted over time.

 ・Design considerations include materials such as CNT, special electromagnetic wave absorption shielding materials, BS sheets, and other new materials, with careful consideration given to material selection, construction methods, and placement.

 ・Parts used and high-quality construction methods are equivalent to the Ultimate grade to match the ELITE.

・The player-side plug is equipped with all Ultimate-grade Brise Audio original 4.4mm (OFC), 6.3mm (OFC), 4-pin XLR, and 3-pin XLRx2 connectors, accommodating both balanced and unbalanced connections.

BSHP for ELITESee the details of

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