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YATONO-RCA has been repeatedly tested and developed in various environments, including our own test environment, and has developed and adopted original wire materials (special high-purity single-crystal copper is used for the conductor). Furthermore, BriseAudio's original technologies for high sound quality (originally developed special CNT material*1, special electromagnetic wave absorbing shield material*2, multiple materials including BS sheet*3, etc.) have been used to achieve even higher levels of sound quality.

BriseAudio has been developing cables mainly for high-end audio for about 20 years. By reintroducing this know-how and the great expertise we have cultivated in the development of portable audio cables, which are used in a more demanding environment, into home audio cables, we have achieved a level of perfection that pushes them to a new stage.
The YATONO series of home audio cables are particularly compatible with equipment in the middle to high-end range, and the sound has been created to allow smooth entry into music without impairing the performance of the equipment as much as possible. We have not focused solely on resolution and information volume, but have also emphasized the atmosphere of the music.
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