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Upgrade cable for TOTORI headphones


BriseAudio produces many headphone upgrade cables to accommodate the wide variety of headphones on the market.
The TOTORI cables are designed for mobile use with ease of use.
TOTORI is a headphone upgrade cable designed to provide both ease of use for mobile applications and high sound quality for stationary applications.

BriseAudio's originally developed cable is used.
BriseAudio has developed and adopted a cable that we believe is ideal for headphone cables.
The cable has a 4-core structure that is designed to be resistant to noise and has been designed to be advantageous in terms of sound quality in every detail.
The cable was developed with the aim of achieving the TOTORI concept of high sound quality and ease of use for mobile applications.

Exclusive sound quality design for TOTORI
TOTORI uses BriseAudio's original shield (6-layer structure including CNT (carbon nanotubes)) to achieve the sound quality we aim for with TOTORI.
TOTORI's Sound Tendency
The TOTORI sound is fine and delicate, with a neutral bandwidth balance, while inheriting BriseAudio's characteristic information volume, resolution, and wide range. The sound quality is designed for a wide range of enjoyment regardless of the sound source.

It can be used with a wide variety of headphones and amplifiers.
Please feel free to contact us even if you do not find the product on the list.
Please be sure to include the model number of the headphones in the special notes when ordering.

Upgrade cable for TOTORI headphonesSee the details of

Upgrade cable for TOTORI headphonesThe corresponding grade


Briseaudio cable grade
Grade of wire x tuning processing
It will be decided by.

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