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SHIROGANE HP Ultimate Headphone Re-Cable

・This is the first silver wire headphone cable from BriseAudio.

・While taking advantage of the characteristics of silver wire, we have developed this product so that the texture and perfection of the mid-high range can be improved, and a sense of structure and a wide range of the mid-low range, which is difficult to achieve with silver wire, can be achieved at a high level.

・The Ultimate grade of headphone re-cables is the result of BriseAudio cable know-how and sound construction. The Ultimate grade of headphone re-cables uses original high-end XLR (3-pin, 4-pin) in addition to high sound quality construction. In addition, OFC sliders and other components are manufactured in exclusive sizes.

・The system is designed to be used in combination with a high-end audio playback environment incorporating high-end headphones. It is designed to make a very large difference when combined with a system with high resolution. Cables are available for loan. Please try them out.

All Ultimate Series products are individually controlled by serial numbers and product ID cards; Ultimate grades are constantly improved after launch and are controlled by a Ref. number on the product ID card.

The Ultimate Series offers a wide variety of options to flexibly accommodate a wide range of portable audio environments. The cables are made of very expensive parts and materials, and are entirely assembled by hand, a process that does not normally occur in cable production. For this reason, we have decided to make this product completely on a made-to-order basis.

※Compatible with many headphone re-cables, the SHIROGANE HP Ultimate dedicated listening cable allows you to listen to a variety of connections.

Please contact us with a description of the headphones you would like to order.

<< Ultimate Product Warranty >>

 The Ultimate grade comes with a 3-year free repair warranty.

However, this offer is only available to customers who have purchased new products.
You will need the included warranty card, product ID card, and proof of purchase (e.g., receipt receipt receipt with purchase date).
*For details of the warranty, please refer to the attached warranty card.
*For customers who purchased used products, the warranty is 1 year free repair from the date of manufacture (all products are managed by serial numbers at our company).


Ultimate high quality sound processing is applied exclusively to silver wire.

BriseAudio Portable Audio Cable Ultimate Grade High quality sound processing

Contents will change depending on the wire material and cable type. The image shows the standard high quality sound processing structure partially used in Brise Audio Ultimate grade cables.

【Uncompromising parts developed exclusively for Ultimate grade】
The parts newly adopted for the Ultimate grade have been developed with additional know-how gained and further time and cost invested without compromise. We are not only concerned with sound quality, but also with quality and perfection.

The cable sliders used in SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate are

made of machined OFC and finished with 18k white gold coating. This is also effective in terms of sound quality, and was adjusted by comparing various materials, shapes, and surface finishes.



SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 5 pole 4.4mm 1.3m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-13-544] JAN: 4570113632420
SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 6.3mm 1.3m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-13-363] JAN: 4570113632437
SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 4-pole XLR 1.3m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-13-4XLR] JAN: 4570113632444
SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 3-pole XLRx2 1.3m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-13-3XLR2] JAN: 4570113632451

SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 5 pole 4.4mm 2.5m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-25-544] JAN: 4570113632468
SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 6.3mm 2.5m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-25-363] JAN: 4570113632475
SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 4-pole XLR 2.5m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-25-4XLR] JAN: 4570113632482
SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate 3-pole XLRx2 2.5m [Model Number: SHIHPUL-25-3XLR2] JAN: 4570113632499

※The terminals on the amplifier side can be selected from
4pin XLR (BriseAudio original high-end connector)
3pin XLR x2 (BriseAudio original high-end connector)
5-pole 4.4mm (OFC Pentaconn, special order model manufactured by Dick's Japan)
6.3mm standard stereo plug (OFC plug, custom-made model by Nihon Dics)

We have developed high-end original XLR connectors (4PIN, 3PIN). (The photo shows an example of YATONO-HP Ultimate production. Connector parts are the same as SHIROGANE HP Ultimate)
※Aging will settle down after 200 hours or so.
※Please refer to the headphone compatibility chart before purchase.
 Click here for the compatibility chart by headphone model

Table header 0SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate
ConductorHigh-performance high-purity silver conductor
Conductor structure Dual Quad Spiral Structure (8-wire)
Special ProcessingNonmagnetic special multilayer electromagnetic wave absorber (7-layer structure), CNT, BS, other multilayer processing
IsolationSpecial High Performance Resins
TerminalDepends on each specification
PriceSplit type (LR independent)
Total length 1.3m or 2.5m (40cm after branching)
Price varies depending on specifications.
Warranty Period3 years

The supported grades for SHIROGANE HP Ultimate are

SHIROGANE × Ultimate

BriseAudio's cable grade is determined by   wire grade x tuning process grade.

 More information about the grade can be found here.


Compatibility chart for various headphone re-cables.

LCD1, LCD2, LCD3, LCD4, LCD5, EL-8(dedicated terminal), LCD-X
 ATH-AP2000Ti, ATH-ADX5000, ATH-L5000, ATH-AWAS
 T1 3rd Generation, T5 3rd Generation, T1-2nd, T5-2nd, AVENTHO WIRED, amiron home
 AH-D9200, AH-D7200, AH-D5200
SONORUS II,III,IV,VI,VIII,(not available for X) D8000, D8000 Pro
Fischer Audio
 SUSVARA, HE1000se, HE1000 V2, HE5se, HE6se, Edition X, Edition X V2
 Elite, Empyrean. LIRIC, M99C-WG対応
SE-MASTER1,(MMCX, without rotation protection)
HD800, HD800S, HD820, HD700 Various dedicated terminals
Screw terminal for MDR-Z1R, MDR-Z7, MDR-Z7m2 (also available without screw)
※Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about products not on the list.

SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate has specially prepared cables for listening.

SHIROGANE-HP Ultimate offers a special listening cable.
By using this, it is possible to listen while dynamically changing the plugs on the headphone side and on the amplifier side.
As a result, you can listen to a variety of headphones with unbalanced and balanced connections compatible with various plugs.
It is possible to order after trying out the actual combination with the listening device above.
※Listeners are available at various events. We can also lend them out directly to customers (limited to Japan).
Listening devices are available at some stores.

The joint part of the Neutrik XLR (male and female) in the middle of the cable is only for the audition unit and is not present in the production version. The absence of the joint makes the sound quality better in the direction of increasing freshness and the amount of information.

SHIROGANE HP Ultimate Listening Equipment Deployed Stores

The number of stores where audios are available is constantly being expanded.

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