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ASUHA-Rh2+ Earphone Re-Cable

The ASUHA-Rh2+ upgrade cable for earphones uses our original cable with an 8-core structure (similar to ASUHA-LE and ASUHA Ref.2 ) and was developed to add sharpness and speed to the sound and achieve a one-step further sound. This is the second product in the Rh2+ series.

While the first STR7-Rh2+ was designed with the utmost emphasis on sharpness and speed, the ASUHA-Rh2+ has become a cable that is extremely easy to use and compatible with many songs by fusing the features of the Rh2+ series without compromising balance, without losing the characteristics of the base ASUHA.

 Rh2+シリーズではBriseAudio独自開発の特別はイヤフォンコネクタを採用しています。 MMCXコネクタ:センターピンをロジウムメッキ処理し、金属素材・樹脂素材共に高音質設計を施した特別モデル。 2pin:ピンをロジウムメッキ処理し、金属素材・樹脂素材ともに高音質設計を施した特別モデル。

更に、採用の4.4mm、2.5mm、3.5mm端子はロジウムメッキを施した高品質なFURUTECH製プラグを 採用しています。

その他、7層からなる遮蔽シールドを部分的に配置、振動対策、CNT(カーボンナノチューブ※1)他、聴感上の変化も重視しつつ適切な箇所に施工することで音作りをしています。 ASUHA-Rh2+は前作のSTR7-Rh2+とベースが異なりますので、それに合わせた調整がされました。

Rh2+シリーズは、Ref.モデルと双璧を成すBriseAudioの定番ハイグレードモデルとして開発しました。 スタンダードモデルと比べ特に相性が良い音源としては、打ち込み系、テクノ系、アニメソング系、ポップス系などで、 現代音楽に合うようキレのある音作りしております。

Typical properties of CNTs include
20 times stronger than steel, 10 times more thermally conductive than copper, and half the density of aluminum.
Excellent shielding ability. Various other useful physical properties.   
(The properties of CNT [Carbon Nanotubes] can change depending on the single-phase or multi-layer structure.)

The adopted cable sliders are manufactured in Japan, where all the processes are carried out. It also has an effect as a vibration stabilizer. Various materials are considered and adopted

The shape-retaining wire for the earpiece is made of titanium wire, which is specially treated after evaluating the sound quality and selecting the material. The tip of the wire is bent to prevent it from popping out and for safety measures.

The newly developed original high sound quality plug is

All parts have been carefully examined and developed from scratch, making this plug suitable for the Rh2+ grade.

You can now also choose a dedicated terminal for SONY earphones (IER-M7 IER-M9 IER-Z1R).

Special MMCX connector compatible with Sennheiser earphones (IE300, IE900)

High-quality rhodium-plated plug



ASUHA-Rh2+ 5極Φ4.4mmプラグ-MMCX 【型番:ASUH2V544MX】JAN:4589796725565
ASUHA-Rh2+ 4極Φ2.5mmプラグ-MMCX 【型番:ASUH2V425MX】JAN:4589796725572
ASUHA-Rh2+ 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug - MMCX [Model number: ASUH2V335MX] JAN:4589796725589

ASUHA-Rh2+ 5極Φ4.4mmプラグ-2PIN 【型番:ASUH2V5442P】JAN:4589796725596
ASUHA-Rh2+ 4極Φ2.5mmプラグ-2PIN 【型番:ASUH2V4252P】JAN:4589796725602
ASUHA-Rh2+ 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug - 2PIN [Model number: ASUH2V3352P] JAN:4589796725619

[ Compatible with dedicated terminals for SONY earphones (IER-M7 IER-M9 IER-Z1R) ].
ASUHA-Rh2+ 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug - IER [Model number: ASUH2V544IER] JAN:4589796706144
ASUHA-Rh2+ 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug - IER [Model number: ASUH2V425IER] JAN:4589796706151
ASUHA-Rh2+ 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug - IER [Model number: ASUH2V335IER] JAN:4589796706168

[ Sennheiser Sennheiser earphones (IE300 IE900) compatible with MMCX ]
ASUHA-Rh2+ 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug - MMCX for Sennheiser IE300, IE900 [Model Number: ASUH2V544ZIEM] JAN:4589796708117
ASUHA-Rh2+ 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug - MMCX for Sennheiser IE300, IE900 [Model Number: ASUH2V425ZIEM] JAN:4589796708124
ASUHA-Rh2+ 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug - MMCX for Sennheiser IE300, IE900 [Model Number: ASUH2V335ZIEM] JAN:4589796708131

長さは全て1.2mです。 ※実勢価格は全て65,000円(税別)。BriseAudio公式ストア販売ページはこちら ※カスタム2PINのピンアサインはこちら

※The aging period takes about 150 hours to settle down.

ConductorHigh-functionality high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureW-Quad Spiral Structure
special processing-
Isolationspecial high-functionality resin
TerminalIt depends on each specification.
Warranty period1 year

 *Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

The compatible grades of ASUHA-Rh2+ earphone re-cables are


The cable grade of BriseAudio is
 線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード
is determined.



Stores with ASUHA-Rh2+ listening devices

We are continually expanding the number of stores where you can audition our product. If there are no stores nearby where you can listen to our product, it is also possible to lend it directly (within Japan).
Despite the equipment being available, if the demo cables are not out in the store, please ask the store staff.

◆e-Earphone Akihabara Store 
〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田4-7-1 新東ビル  TEL(ナビダイヤル):0570-06-1118(受付時間 11:00 ~ 20:00)
(There are 6 types of listening machines on display.)


Please feel free to contact us, including inquiries about our products.


This is a service that allows you to listen to the music in your own home. This service is available only for residents in Japan.


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