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YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cable

 YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cable was developed as the highest sound quality model pursuing only sound quality.

現状持ちうるノウハウを全て投入し、イヤフォンリケーブルとして過剰なまでに高音質を追求したBriseAudio史上最高音質のケーブルとなります。ただし、非常に取り回しは悪く、その使用感はお世辞にも良いものではありません。ご購入の前に必ず、お試し頂くことをお勧めいたします。 イヤフォン用のケーブルとしては、ある種過剰なまでの情報量・レンジを実現しております。 通常使用では、 YATONO-Ultimate(4wire). YATONO-Ultimate(4wire)is the flagship of BriseAudio's earphone re-cables, including its sound quality.

YATONO 8wire-Ultimateは、音質のみを愚直に追求したLimited model です。 製作難易度が非常に高くお時間もいただくため、どうしても少量生産となります。 そのため、期間限定もしくは生産数を限定しつつ販売継続を予定しています。

YATONO 8wire-Ultimateでは、新素材BSシート、新型CNTシート(カーボンナノチューブ)を採用し。 更にはUltimateグレードのために新開発された超高品質プラグとケーブルスライダーを採用しています。更に、YATONO-Ultimateでは採用できなかった工夫を追加し、更なる高音質化を実現しました。

As with the 4wire YATONO-Ultimate, it took a year and a half to develop the cable, and we completed the cable after careful listening tests and repeated improvements using our high-end portable amplifier TSURANAGI (we developed our own ideal amplifier as a high-end environment necessary for cable development) as a reference amp. YATONO 8wire-Ultimate is a cable that shows its power the higher the potential of the playback environment. The level of demand is extremely high, and only a high-end system with high resolution will be able to demonstrate its true potential. In this respect, choose YATONO 4wire-Ultimate to enjoy the best sound quality in a balanced manner in a wide range of environments.

The Ultimate Series

All are individually controlled by serial number and product ID card; the Ultimate grade is constantly improved after launch and is controlled by a Ref. number on the product ID card.

The Ultimate Series offers a wide variety of options to flexibly accommodate a wide range of portable audio environments. The cables are made of very expensive parts and materials, and are entirely assembled by hand, including processes that do not normally occur in cable production. For this reason, we have decided to make this product completely on a made-to-order basis.

また、Ultimateグレードでは2年間の無償修理保証をお付けします。 更に、無償修理保証期間内に1度だけケーブルのリフレッシュ&新Ultimateバージョンへの無償アップグレードをご利用いただけます。(4.4mmから2.5mmへの交換など接続タイプの変更の場合は有償です。) 実施される場合は、弊社に直接お問い合わせください。ただし、新品購入されたお客様のみの特典です。付属の保証書と製品IDカード、購入証明書(ご購入日日付記載のレシート領収書など)が必要となります。 ※保証内容の詳細は付属の保証書をご覧ください。 ※旧Ultimateバージョンから新Ultimateバージョンへの有償アップグレードサービスは今後設定の予定です。


BriseAudio Portable Audio Cable Ultimate Grade High Quality Sound Processing

Contents will change depending on the wire material and cable type. The image shows the standard high quality sound processing structure partially used in Brise Audio Ultimate grade cables.

The uncompromising parts group developed exclusively for the Ultimate grade.
The parts newly adopted for the Ultimate grade have been developed with additional know-how gained and further time and cost invested without compromise. We are not only concerned with sound quality, but also with quality and perfection.

Wire rod

BriseAudio's original wire material (YATONO) developed for high-end earphones is used. This wire material is made by spinning about 200 strands from a special copper base material that is not only pure but also has a crystal structure, and weaving these strands together effectively. We use 8 wires (4 wires on each side).

The tip is bent to prevent ejection & for safety measures.

Uncompromising parts developed exclusively for Ultimate grade

The parts newly adopted for the Ultimate grade were developed with additional know-how gained and without compromising on time and cost. The result is not only in terms of sound quality, but also in terms of the extremely high quality of the finished product.

The cable slider used for YATONO 8wire-Ultimate is machined from OFC and finished with 24k gold coating. This is also effective in terms of sound quality, and was adjusted by comparing various materials, shapes, surface finishes, etc. The finish is also an area of concern. It is a different design from YATONO-Ultimate (4wire).

For the shape-retaining wire for the earpiece, we have adopted a titanium wire that has been specially treated after evaluating the sound quality and selecting the material. This enables the wire to support both the handling around the ear and the sound quality.

Ultimate grade original high quality sound connector (MMCX and 2PIN are used. Please contact us for other connectors.

Ultimateグレードのためにオリジナル端子を新開発しました。これらは全て、OFC削り出しのシェルを採用しております。長い開発期間をかけ音質、仕上げともに非常に高いレベルのコネクタが出来上がりました。 YATONO 8wire-Ultimateでは、2PINとMMCXをご用意しています。その他のコネクタに関しましては弊社まで please contact us.

OFC (oxygen-free copper) high sound quality original plug with straight OFC shell 5-pole 4.4mm 

 YATON 8wire-Ultimateでは、日本ディックス社製のPentaconnOFCプラグ(弊社特注仕様の軸)4.4mmを採用しています。更に、シェル(外側のケース部分)はOFC削り出しで製作いたしました。非常に高級感があり質感の高い仕上げとともに、市場の平均的なプラグと比べ一聴して大きな音質的アドバンテージを感じて頂けるプラグに仕上がっていると自負しています。YATONO 8wire-Ultimateでは、ストレート型4.4mmプラグのみお選びいただけます。

YATONO 8wire-Ultimate 製品ラインナップ ※完全受注生産モデル 

[For MMCX connector]
 YATONO 8wire-Ultimate- 5極Φ4.4mm ストレートプラグ-MMCX 【型番:YTN8U-S544-MX】JAN:4589796708674

 YATONO 8wire-Ultimate- 5極Φ4.4mm ストレートプラグ-CIEM2pin 【型番:YTN8U-S544-2P】JAN:4589796708681

 YATONO 8wire-Ultimate- 5極Φ4.4mm ストレートプラグ-PentaconnEar 【型番:YTN8U-S544-PE】JAN:4589796708698

For BriseAudio Direct Shop, other special orders are also available. Please feel free to contact us.

*The aging period settles down after about 200 hours.

 製品名YATONO 8wire-Ultimate
ConductorHigh-performance high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureW-Quad Spiral
Special ProcessesUltimate Processing
IsolationSpecial High Performance Resins
TerminalVarious types are available. Please see product descriptions.
Warranty Period全長1.2m

 *Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

The compatible grades of YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cables are

YATONO × Ultimate

BriseAudio's cable grades
 線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード
It will be decided by.



Stores with YATONO 8wire-Ultimate Listening System

The number of stores where you can listen to our products is expanding at any time. If there is no listening location near you, we can lend you the equipment directly (in Japan).
If the cables are deployed but are not available in the store for audition, please contact the store staff.

〒164-0001 東京都中野区中野5-52-15 中野ブロードウェイ 3F TEL:0120-189-248
4.4mm (MMCX & 2PIN)   

◆e earphone Akihabara store   
Shinto-Bldg., 4-7-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo TEL (Navidial): 0570-06-1118 (reception hours: 11:00 - 20:00)
4.4mm (MMCX & 2PIN)

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