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SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate earphone re-cable

・Brise Audio's first earphone cable using its original pure silver wire material SHIROGANE.

・This wire material is made of luxurious pure silver material, high-performance pure silver wire and special insulating material. Compared to our conventional products, it has become very soft and supple, and even 8-wire is easier to handle. (However, it is generally a very heavy and thick cable.)

・The conductor structure is the same as that of YATONO Ultimate, consisting of 49 single-core strands. The amount of conductors is doubled by using 8-wires.

・It was difficult to secure the sound quality we were looking for with conventional silver wire, and it took a very long development period to complete the product.

・SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate is a cable that shows its power the higher the potential of the playback environment.This is noticeable compared to the 4-wire to which it is compared.

・We have applied our original high-quality sound processing to the SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate and newly adopted two types of special materials for the 8-wire as well as the SHIROGANE Ultimate. The construction details have also been redesigned for SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate.

As with the SHIROGANE Ultimate (4wire), you can see every inch of the soundstage with a clear line of sight. Crisp and clear. Stress-free sound. While maintaining a high balance of gorgeousness and low midrange fullness, the 8-wire offers a wider dynamic range and a three-dimensional sense of low position that comes from a more precise sense of distance in space, especially in the midrange and lower midrange. As a result, the sound is more vivid.

The Ultimate Series

All are individually controlled by serial numbers and product ID cards.
The Ultimate grade is constantly being improved after its release and is controlled by a Ref. number on the product ID card.  
The Ultimate Series offers a wide variety of options to flexibly accommodate a wide range of portable audio environments.
In addition, we use very expensive parts and materials, and we assemble all cables by hand, including processes that do not occur in normal cable production.
For this reason, we have decided to make this product completely made-to-order.

Ultimate Product Warranty

The Ultimate grade product warranty is 3 years.
※For customers who purchased used products, the warranty is 1 year free repair from the date of manufacture (all are managed by serial number at our company).

wire rod

The SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate earphone re-cable is the first Brise Audio product to use the original sterling silver wire.
By using high-performance pure silver and a special insulation material, we were able to achieve the desired sound quality and softness, as well as a very flexible feel compared to conventional products.
※However, SHIROGANE 8wire Ultimate is also generally a thicker and heavier cable.

The conductor structure is similar to the YATONO wire used in YATONO 8-wire Ultimate and the conductor quantity.
The 8-core structure, consisting of 49 strands per core, has been further brushed up.

BriseAudio Portable Audio Cable Ultimate grade high quality sound processing (silver wire version)

Contents will change depending on the wire material and cable type. The image shows the standard high quality sound processing structure partially used in Brise Audio Ultimate grade cables.

With the launch of SHIROGANE, we have developed a new high sound quality processing exclusively for silver wire. Two new materials were newly adopted and designed to maximize the potential of silver wire.

With the advent of silver wire, we have brushed up all of our high sound quality processing. conventional materials such as BS sheet, CNT (carbon nanotube), and electromagnetic wave absorbing shield material.
Two new materials were added, and after an enormous amount of time spent on trial and error, the product was finally completed.
We are proud of the sound that is hard to imagine from the conventional sound quality tendency of silver wire.

Uncompromising parts developed exclusively for Ultimate grade

The parts newly adopted for the Ultimate grade were developed with additional know-how gained and without compromising on time and cost. The result is not only in terms of sound quality, but also in terms of the extremely high quality of the finished product.

The cable slider used for the Ultimate grade of silver wire is machined from OFC & finished with jewel-quality 18KWG (white gold) coating. This is also effective in terms of sound quality, and was adjusted by comparing various materials, shapes, and surface finishes. The finish is also an important part of the product.

For the shape-retaining wire for the earpiece, Titanium wire, which is specially treated after evaluating and selecting materials for sound quality, has been adopted. This enables us to support both the handling around the ear and the sound quality.

The tip is bent to prevent ejection & for safety measures.

 Various connectors including our original high-quality sound connectors (MMCX, 2PIN, A2DC, PentaconnEar) are used (Please inquire for other terminals).)
Original terminals (MMCX, CIEM2pin, A2DC, PentacconEar (using OFC axis made by Nihon Dix)) have been newly developed for Ultimate grade. All of these terminals use machined OFC shells. After a long period of development, a connector with a very high level of sound quality and finish has been created. We also have connectors for FitEar (pins are genuine FitEar, shell is made of resin), IER-Z1R, and others.

OFC (oxygen-free copper) straight 4.4mm plug

SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate uses a PentaconnOFC (our custom-specified axis) 4.4mm plug made by Nippon Dics.
※SHIROGANE 8wire Ultimate cannot be made with anything other than straight 4.4mm wire due to its thicker wire.
Furthermore, the shell (outer case part) is also made of machined OFC. This plug has a very luxurious and high quality finish, and you will feel a big advantage in sound quality compared to the average plugs on the market.
The shell of the straight plug is hidden by heat shrinkage but is 24k gold coated.

SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate Product Lineup *Made-to-order model

SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug - MMCX [Model Number: SRGNE4U-S544-MX] JAN:4570113632154
SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug - CIEM2pin [Model number: SRGNE4U-S544-2P] JAN:4570113632161
SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug - PentaconnEar [Model Number: SRGNE4U-S544-PE] JAN:4570113632178
SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug - FitEar [Model Number: SRGNE4U-S544-FE] JAN:4570113632185
SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-IPX [Model Number: SRGNE4U-S544-IPX] JAN:4570113632192

Total length 1.2m

Custom orders, including length changes, are available at the direct store.
Please feel free to contact us even if it is not in the specifications.

*The aging period settles down after about 250 hours.

Product nameSHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate
conductor (electricity)High-performance high-purity silver conductor
Conductor structure-
Special ProcessingSHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate processing
isolationSpecial High Performance Resins
terminalVarious types are available. Please see the product description.
Warranty PeriodTotal length 1.2m

 ※Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

The compatible grades of SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate earphone re-cables are

SHIROGANE 8-wire × Ultimate

BriseAudio's cable grade is determined
by the grade of
the wire material x the grade of the tuning process.

More information about the grade can be found here.


SHIROGANE-Ultimate Listening Machine Deployed Stores

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If the cables are deployed but are not available in the store for audition, please contact the store staff.

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