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Ultimate Portable Audio System

The Ultimate Listening Experience


The world's first Ultimate Portable Audio System with "MEMS hybrid earphones + dedicated full analog portable amplifier + dedicated 16-core cable

◆PVD black coated pure titanium housing
◆Ear hanger structure for improved wearing stability
◆8-driver 5-way configuration
  Ultra high frequency : MEMS speaker x1
  High frequency : BA driver x2
  Midrange : BA driver x2
  Mid-low range: BA driver x1
  Low frequency : 2 x 8mm dynamic drivers
◆Wide frequency response over 100 kHz
◆Multi-amp connection with original 7-pin connector
◆Crossover circuitry integrated on the amplifier side

Dedicated portable amplifier
◆4-layer board (power supply) + 8-layer board (amplifier) 2-story structure
◆Electronic volume MUSES72323 is used
◆Active crossover for a total of 10 channels on the left and right sides
◆Power amplifier with a total of 12 channels on the left and right sides
◆Drive system
  BA&MEMS: single-ended drive
  Dynamic driver: Balanced drive

Dedicated cable
◆Original 16-wire pure silver cable
◆Exclusively designed Ultimate grade sound quality processing

Price : Open
Reference price: 2,500,000 yen (including tax)

A small part of the new products will be revealed. The full picture will be announced soon!
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FujiyaAbic has released a video interview about the development of FUGAKU.

Here is a video of an interview with two developers.

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日本語マニュアルEnglish manual

User Manual (Japanese / English)

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日本語マニュアルEnglish manual

FUGAKU's greatest feature

It is three hybrid drivers and full analog multi-amplifier system.

The left figure below shows a conventional system and the right is a simplified example of FUGAKU's multi-amplifier system.

The conventional method is amplifier → passive filter → driver, in that order,
FUGAKU's method is active filter → amplifier → driver, in that order.


In conventional systems, there is a passive filter, a circuit for bandwidth division, between the amplifier and the driver, and the amplifier cannot drive the driver directly, resulting in a loss of directness in the sound.

In addition, passive filters must be small to fit into the earphone housing, resulting in a simplified design.
As a result, it becomes difficult to make the frequency response ideal for the designer.

There are several other negative factors in sound quality in exchange for versatility, such as the fact that a single amplifier drives multiple drivers, so the more drivers you add, the lower the impedance, the higher the load on the amplifier, and the more prone to distortion.

To overcome these problems, FUGAKU has adopted a multi-amplifier system.
This is a method that has existed in the speaker world for a long time in a small number of cases.

This is the world's first hybrid-driver earphone and full-analog multi-amplifier configuration, which first divides the bandwidth and then drives each driver with an amplifier prepared for each band.

It is no longer necessary to fit the filter into the earphone housing, and a sophisticated active filter consisting of an OPAMP can be used.

As a result, even higher-order steep filters can be built, and the frequency response that most affects sound quality can be freely designed.
In addition, the ability to use large volumes of high-quality components with large volume, such as film capacitors, makes it possible to achieve high quality on a component-by-component basis.

Not only that, but since the amplifier and driver are directly connected, the driving power is high, enabling unprecedentedly direct sound.
Another advantage is that as the number of drivers increases, so does the number of amplifiers, resulting in a lighter load per amplifier and less distortion.

The supposed disadvantages of this method are the reverse of the advantages of the conventional method.

This method requires a dedicated amplifier and a dedicated multi-pole cable, which reduces versatility and increases cost, but the sound quality benefits greatly outweigh the cost.

While a multi-amp system for speakers requires a separate preamplifier, active filter, and multiple power amplifiers, FUGAKU combines these components in a single housing to provide the ultimate sound on a scale equivalent to a conventional player + portable amplifier combination.

Product Concept

The "Ultimate Earphone" that only we could make were the start of FUGAKU.

The concept was that if we were going to go to the trouble of making a product, we wanted to achieve the quality we most wanted, and we wanted to create a configuration that was not bound by existing frameworks, with sound quality as the top priority.

When it came to a unique configuration with sound quality advantages, the idea of bi-amping with a dedicated portable amplifier was the first that came to mind.

However, if we were capable of developing everything in-house, we could do better by integrating bandwidth division into a portable amplifier, and this thought led to the birth of the multi-amplifier FUGAKU.

FUGAKU classifies "quality" into three categories: "sound quality," "design," and "convenience," and has applied various innovations to earphones, dedicated portable amplifiers, and dedicated cables in order to realize all of these at a high level.

The sound quality that FUGAKU aims for is consistent with "expressing the source information in its entirety.

The sound quality, which is directly driven by multiple types of drivers with appropriate use, excellent physical characteristics due to optimal structural design, high-performance bandwidth-division circuits, and multiple high-output power amplifiers, overturned our common sense and left a strong impact never experienced before.

These earphones are a high-level fusion of conventional drivers (dynamic and balanced armature types) and new drivers (MEMS speakers).

Since the active crossover is built into the dedicated portable amplifier, there is no crossover circuit inside the earphone case, and each driver is directly connected to the amplifier.

The excellent physical characteristics of the 3D sound conduit, titanium stem, and gold-plated OFC ring, which are integrally molded into the 3D printed driver unit holder, and the optimal parameter settings of the active crossover, have resulted in acoustic characteristics that are smoothly connected across the entire bandwidth.

Based on years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing custom IEMs and universal IEMs, we have created an enclosure shape that provides excellent fit and sound insulation.

The cable is attached downwards and an ear hanger system is adopted to suppress misalignment in the direction of rotation, achieving a very high wearing stability despite being universal earphones.

A specially designed 7-pin cable connection is used for the cable connection. Despite its small size and multiple contacts, the design is harmonious and integrated with the earphone housing.

Dedicated portable amplifier
This is a portable amplifier dedicated to FUGAKU, which is both compact and usable for a long period of time, while placing the highest priority on sound quality and multiplying the amount of material.

Based on the feedback obtained from TSURANAGI, a new circuit was used for the differential line receiver and electronic volume, while the power amplifier was brushed up, new circuits were adopted, and the amplifier was developed into a multi-amplifier with an active crossover after many improvements.

To achieve the same size as TSURANAGI without sacrificing convenience, the interior is implemented in three dimensions.
The main board has a two-story structure with two boards. The first floor is a four-layer board and mainly consists of power and control circuits, while the second floor is an eight-layer board with separate functions for only the analog circuit amplifiers.

From the main board to the input/output terminals is wired with pure silver wire, the same wire material as the dedicated cable.

Large capacitors totaling 3000 μF or more are effectively placed in the power supply circuit, contributing to the sound quality with a low center of gravity.
In addition, 14 ultra-high-performance linear power supply circuits are implemented to thoroughly prevent interference between circuits.

Dedicated cable
This 16-core cable with pure silver conductor is designed specifically for this system to transmit power amplifier signals to each driver without loss.

The use of newly developed high-purity pure silver wire material provides high flexibility, ease of use, and excellent sound quality despite its multi-core nature.

Based on the tuning method for pure silver wire developed for SHIROGANE, we have applied the Ultimate grade of exclusive high sound quality processing.

Earphone Features

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Features of the dedicated portable amplifier

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Dedicated cable features

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Untold Story of Development

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FUGAKU Specifications table

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Input terminal3-pole 3.5mm5-pole 4.4mm(with GND)
Output terminal-5-pole 4.4mm(with GND)
電圧ゲイン(ボリューム最大) 10.5 dB 
バランス入力時最大入力 (ボリューム減衰時/ボリューム最大)※6Vrms / 1.8 Vrms
アンバランス入力時最大入力 (ボリューム減衰時/ボリューム最大)※5Vrms / 1.8 Vrms
周波数特性(-3dB)  2 Hz - 200 kHz
推奨負荷インピーダンス16 Ω以上(16Ω未満の場合は要ご試聴)
最大出力(16ohm, THD+N<0.01%)700 mW + 700 mW
最大出力(32ohm, THD+N<0.01%)1000 mW + 1000 mW
最大出力(300ohm, THD+N<0.01%)100 mW + 100 mW
"THD+N (BW=20kHz, 1Vrms出力,16ohm)"< 0.005 %
"THD+N (BW=20kHz, 1Vrms出力,300ohm)"< 0.002 %
"THD+N (BW=20kHz, 3.4Vrms出力,300ohm)"< 0.0007 %
クロストーク(20Hz - 20kHz)< -100 dB
バッテリー持続時間8 h
寸法(W x H x D), 突起部含まず80 mm x 30 mm x 120 mm
充電端子USB Type-C
バッテリー容量7.4 V 2800 mAh
充電時間< 5 h (5 V2AのACアダプタを使用)
質量360 g


The balanced input of the portable amplifier is an example of use with a fixed 4.4 mm (5-pole) input.
For other balanced inputs,(Please inquire for other types of terminals).

◆4.4mm (player side, line output) to 4.4mm (portable amplifier)
*If GND (5-pole) is connected to the 4.4mm output on the player side, it is here.
RS6, RS8, R5 II, R6 III, R6 Pro II, R8, NewR6, R5(Switching is required on the software side)
KANN ALPHA(Switching is required on the software side), SP3000, SR35, KANN MAX, SE180, SR25 MKII, SP2000T
M11 Plus ESS, M11 Plus LTD, M15S, M17
M3X, M9 Plus
DX320, DX300, AMP8MK2
Luxury & Precision
PAW Gold TOUCH, PAW Gold TOUCH Titanium, PAW 6000
N8ii, N8, N7, N3Pro, N6ii/E02, N6ii/T01, N6ii/A01
◆Connect two 4.4mm & 3.5mm (player side, line output) to 4.4mm (portable amplifier)
*If GND (5-pole) is not connected to the 4.4mm output on the player side, it is here.
NW-WM1ZM2, NW-WM1AM2, NW-WM1Z, NW-WM1A, NW-ZX500 Series, NW-ZX300 Series
◆Connect two 2.5mm & 3.5mm (player side, line output) to 4.4mm (portable amplifier) 
SP3000, SR35, KANN MAX, SE180, KANN ALPHA, KANN CUBE, SP1000, SP1000M, SP2000, SE100, SE200, SR15, SR25, SA700
AK products require line output to be specified in the software.
*Be sure to insert the 3.5mm plug first; if the 2.5mm plug is inserted first, the balanced line output mode will not work.
◆Unbalanced connection (3.5mm to 3.5mm) can be used without any problem.

If a balanced 4.4mm to 4.4mm connection is available, that is recommended.

For players with 2.5mm, 4.4mm, or 3.5mm terminals, a 4.4mm to 4.4mm (with GND connection) straight cable is recommended for sound quality, although a split cable or a 4.4mm to 4.4mm (with GND connection) straight cable may be possible.

As for Walkman, a 4.4mm to 4.4mm (with GND connection) cable is not possible because the GND of the 4.4mm terminal is not connected.

*Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about products not on the list.   The compatibility list will be updated as needed.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us, including inquiries about our products.


This is a service that allows you to listen to the music in your own home. This service is available only for residents in Japan.

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