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flex001 As-Is earphone re-cable ( As-Is series )

flex001 As-IsはBriseAudioの入門用グレードとして非常にご高評頂いているケーブルflex001SEの後継となります。BriseAudioオリジナル線材(高純度&高機能銅を採用)はそのままに、As-Isシリーズ専用開発のプラグ&コネクタを採用。より繊細でクリアなサウンドを実現いたしました。 ケーブルスライダーは、前モデルよりご好評頂いておりました木製を採用しました。  

flex001 As-Isでは、より多くの環境でご使用いただけるように非常に多くの選択肢をご用意いたしました。 イヤフォン側では、CIEM2pin, MMCX, A2DC, IPXに対応 プレイヤー出力側では、L型の4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3極3.5mm, 4極3.5mmをご用意しております。
*Straight plugs are also available at the official store.

Original plug exclusively for As-Is

*Straight plugs are available only at the official store.


flex001 As-Is L型5極Φ4.4mmプラグ-MMCX 型番:fx001AMX544L JAN:4589796708940
flex001 As-Is L型4極Φ2.5mmプラグ-MMCX 型番:fx001AMX425L JAN:4589796708957
flex001 As-Is L型3極Φ3.5mmプラグ-MMCX 型番:fx001AMX335L JAN:4589796708964
flex001 As-Is L-type 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug-MMCX Model: fx001AMX435L JAN:4589796708971

flex001 As-Is L-type 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug - 2-pin Model No.: fx001A2P544L JAN:4589796708988
flex001 As-Is L型4極Φ2.5mmプラグ-2pin 型番:fx001A2P425L JAN:4589796708995
flex001 As-Is L型3極Φ3.5mmプラグ-2pin 型番:fx001A2P335L JAN:4589796709008
flex001 As-Is L-type 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug - 2-pin Model No.: fx001A2P435L JAN:4589796709015

flex001 As-Is L-type 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug-IPX Model No.: fx001AFE544L JAN:4589796709022
flex001 As-Is L-type 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug-IPX Model No.: fx001AFE425L JAN:4589796709039
flex001 As-Is L-type 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug-IPX Model No.: fx001AFE335L JAN:4589796709046
flex001 As-Is L-type 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug-IPX Model No.: fx001AFE435L JAN:4589796709053

flex001 As-Is L-type 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug-A2DC Model No.: fx001AAD544L JAN:4589796709060
flex001 As-Is Type L 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug-A2DC Model No.: fx001AAD425L JAN:4589796709077
flex001 As-Is L-type 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug-A2DC Model No.: fx001AAD335L JAN:4589796709084
flex001 As-Is L-type 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug-A2DC Model No.: fx001AAD435L JAN:4589796709091

All cable lengths are 1.2 m (not including plug)

*Straight plugs are also available at the official online store.

 製品名flex001 As-Is
ConductorHigh-functionality high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureQuad Spiral structure
special processing-
Isolationspecial high-functionality resin
Warranty period1 year

 *Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

The compatible grades of flex001 As-Is earphone re-cables are

flex001 × As-Is

The cable grade of BriseAudio is
 線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード
is determined.



flex001 As-Is Listening Machine Deployed Stores

We are continually expanding the number of stores where you can audition our product. If there are no stores nearby where you can listen to our product, it is also possible to lend it directly (within Japan).
Despite the equipment being available, if the demo cables are not out in the store, please ask the store staff.

◆e-Earphone Akihabara Store 
〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田4-7-1 新東ビル  TEL(ナビダイヤル):0570-06-1118(受付時間 11:00 ~ 20:00)
2-pin and MMCX available in 4.4mm, 2.5mm, and 3.5mm respectively; A2DC, IPX/T2 available in 4.4mm only


Please feel free to contact us, including inquiries about our products.


This is a service that allows you to listen to the music in your own home. This service is available only for residents in Japan.


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