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BSHP for ELITE (cable for Meze Audio ELITE)

・The Brise Audio team has designed this re-cable with a unique sound quality design to take full advantage of the features of the Meze Audio ELITE.
 ※ELITE is a product of Meze Audio.Click here for the ELITE product page

  ・The use of the well established 8-core YATONO wire material and the exclusive high sound quality construction to take advantage of the features of Meze Audio ELITE are adopted.

  ・We introduced this unit as a listening device and took the time to tune it.

  ・We design appropriate materials, construction methods, and placement locations from many materials such as CNT*1, special electromagnetic wave absorption shield material*2, BS sheet*3, and other new materials.

  ・The parts used and the high sound quality construction are equivalent to those of the Ultimate grade to match ELITE.

  ・All Brise Audio original Ultimate grade 4.4mm (OFC), 6.3mm (OFC), 4-pin XLR, 3-pin XLRx2 plugs on the player side
  Both balanced and unbalanced connections are supported.

※1 In order to take advantage of the excellent properties of CNTs, we have developed the optimum material through repeated joint tests and comparative audits conducted by a national research institute and a cooperating material manufacturer. Excellent shielding capability. Excellent shielding ability. Various other useful physical properties. (The properties of CNTs vary depending on whether they are single-phase or multi-layered.)

※2 It is a material that absorbs electromagnetic waves and converts heat, which is very effective especially in the high-frequency band, consisting of seven layers. This is the core material used in all our high-grade cables, including our flagship cable MURAKUMO.

※3 BS sheet is a material that boosts the positive sound quality effects of other materials while having very little negative impact on sound quality.

Sound quality design of BSHP for ELITE

Brise Audio interpreted it as follows.
 ※This is our own interpretation and may differ from the designer's intention. Please understand this in advance.

MEZE Audio Elite combines a rich sound field without exaggeration, which is also common to Empyrean/Empyrean2, with a core low frequency range that is so rich that it is hard to believe it is open-air.
 Furthermore, the high frequency range is extended and follows the source well, making it easy to capture detailed sounds, and the sound quality tends to be full and rich with a comfortable bandwidth balance.

 The dedicated cable BSHP for Elite is based on the technology cultivated in the development of the Ultimate grade and uses a luxurious array of high sound quality
materials including conventional CNT and newly adopted electromagnetic wave absorbing materials.
The goal was to achieve a high level of both further thickness in the mid and low frequencies, and a fuller, more delicate high frequency range with a high signal-to-noise ratio and reverberation.
In order to realize this, we developed and installed a complex multi-layered structure for high sound quality exclusive to ELITE after repeated comparative listening tests using actual equipment.
In addition, we aimed for a sound quality balance that can be enjoyed in many environments, assuming a variety of headphone amplifiers and high-resolution sources.


BriseAudio Portable Audio Cable Ultimate Grade High quality sound processing

Although the contents are subject to change depending on the wire material and cable type, Brise Audio's original tuning is applied to match the sound
quality of the headphones with high sound quality construction similar to Ultimate grade, as shown in the figure below.
The image below shows the standard high quality sound processing construction partially used in Brise Audio Ultimate grade cables.


Ultimate Grade parts are used to match the headphone's rating.

cable slider
 Finished with OFC machining & 24k gold coating.
 This also has an effect on sound quality and is adjusted by comparing various materials, shapes, and surface finishes. 
 The finish is also an important part of the project.

Plugs for amplifier connection
 4pin XLR (BriseAudio original high-end connector)
 3pin XLR x2 (BriseAudio original high-end connector)
 5-pole 4.4mm (OFC Pentaconn, special order model manufactured by Dics Japan)
 6.3mm standard stereo plug (OFC plug, custom-made model by Nihon Dics)
You can choose from the following


(product) line-up

BSHP for ELITE- 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug 1.3m [Model No.: BSHPELT-544] JAN: 4570113632802
BSHP for ELITE- Φ6.3mm 1/4 TRS plug 1.3m [Model Number: BSHPELT-363] JAN: 4570113632819
BSHP for ELITE- 4-pin XLR plug 1.3m [Model Number: BSHPELT-4X1] JAN: 4570113632826
BSHP for ELITE- 3-pin XLR plug 1.3m [Model Number: BSHPELT-3X2] JAN: 4570113632833

BSHP for ELITE- 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug 2.5m [Model No.: BSHPELT-544] JAN: 4570113632840
BSHP for ELITE- Φ6.3mm 1/4 TRS plug 2.5m [Model Number: BSHPELT-363] JAN: 4570113632857
BSHP for ELITE- 4-pin XLR plug 2.5m [Model Number: BSHPELT-4X1] JAN: 4570113632864
BSHP for ELITE- 3-pin XLR plug 2.5m [Model Number: BSHPELT-3X2] JAN: 4570113632871

*The aging period settles down after about 200 hours.
*Sales will end when the planned sales quantity ends during the sales period or in limited quantities.

Product nameBSHP for ELITE
conductor (electricity)High-performance high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureQuad Spiral Structure
Special ProcessingExclusive tuning for Meze Audio Elite
isolationSpecial High Performance Resins
terminalDepends on each specification
Warranty Period2 years

 Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

The grade for BSHP for ELITE is

Dedicated cable × Dedicated tuning

BriseAudio's cable grade is
Grade of wire x Grade of tuning process
To be determined according to the above

 More information about the grade can be found here.


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