BHP-USe11 ヘッドフォンリケーブル(ULTRASONE edition11専用) 

 BHP-USe11はULTRASONE edition11専用に開発のヘッドフォンリケーブルです。音質と取り回しに配慮し専用に制作いたしました。弊社オリジナルケーブル(8芯構造Octa14)を採用し、広帯域非磁性特殊積層電磁波吸収材を各所に配置し実機と合わせて音作りをしております。edition11のための専用ヘッドフォンリケーブルです。


BHP-USe11 edition11 to 4極XLR(1.3m)【型番:BHP-USe11-4X-13】JAN:4589796724827
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 4極XLR(2.5m)【型番:BHP-USe11-4X-25】 JAN:4589796724834
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 3極XLR×2(1.3m)【型番:BHP-USe11-3X2-13】JAN:4589796724841
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 3極XLR×2(2.5m)【型番:BHP-USe11-3X2-25】JAN:4589796724858
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 4.4mm (1.3m) [Model number: BHP-USe11-544-13] JAN:4589796724865
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 4.4mm (2.5m) [Model Number:BHP-USe11-544-25] JAN:4589796724872
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 2.5mm (1.3m) [Model number: BHP-USe11-425-13] JAN:4589796724889
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 2.5mm (2.5m) [Model number: BHP-USe11-425-25] JAN:4589796724896
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 3.5mm (4-pole) (1.3m) [Model Number: BHP-USe11-435-13] JAN:4589796724902
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 3.5mm (4-pole) (2.5m) [Model number: BHP-USe11-435-25] JAN:4589796724919

[unbalanced connection]
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 6.3mm (1.3m) [Model number: BHP-USe11-63-13] JAN:4589796724926
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 6.3mm (2.5m) [Model number: BHP-USe11-63-25] JAN:4589796724933
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 3.5mm (3-pole) (1.3m) [Model Number: BHP-USe11-335-13] JAN:4589796724940
BHP-USe11 edition11 to 3.5mm (3-pole) (2.5m) [Model number: BHP-USe11-335-25] JAN:4589796724957


ConductorHigh-performance high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureW-Quad Spiral Structure
Special ProcessesWideband non-magnetic special multilayer electromagnetic wave absorber
IsolationSpecial High Performance Resins
TerminalDepends on each specification
Warranty Period全長1.3m or 2.5m



The compatible grades of BHP-USe11 are

Dedicated cable × Dedicated tuning

BriseAudio's cable grades
 線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード
It will be decided by.



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