YATONO-BNC 75Ω cable will be released on November 17, 2022

YATONO-BNC 75Ω cable will be released on November 17, 2022

Today, it goes on sale on November 17, 2022.
We are pleased to announce our new YATONO-BNC 75Ω cable.

YATONO-BNC 75Ω cable

・YATONO-BNC75 is a high precision clock and BNC digital cable for home audio applications.

・Suitable for connection of digital devices supporting Word Clock and a master clock that claims high accuracy and low phase noise

・Suitable as a BNC digital cable connecting a digital transport and a DAC as a digital cable

・YATONO-BNC75 uses ultra-low-loss high-precision 75Ω wire material (high-purity silver single wire is used for conductor).

・BriseAudio's original high sound quality technology is placed near the terminals.
(Multiple materials including proprietary special CNT material*1, special electromagnetic wave absorption shield material*2, BS sheet*3, etc.)

・The sound quality tends to be fresh, clear, and contemporary.
 There is sufficient power, and high frequency extension tends to be straightforward, with no strong sense of emphasis.
 The mid and low frequencies are well supported, and the soundstage is clear, unleveled, and straightforward.

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(product) line-up

YATONO-BNC-75Ω 0.5m 【MNP:YTBNC-75-005】 JAN:4570113630938
YATONO-BNC-75Ω 1.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-75-010】 JAN:4570113630945
YATONO-BNC-75Ω 1.5m 【MNP:YTBNC-75-015】 JAN:4570113630952
YATONO-BNC-75Ω 2.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-75-020】 JAN:4570113630969
YATONO-BNC-75Ω 3.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-75-030】 JAN:4570113630976
YATONO-BNC-75Ω 4.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-75-040】 JAN:4570113630983
YATONO-BNC-75Ω 5.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-75-050】 JAN:4570113630990