YATONO-BNC 50Ω cable will be released on November 10, 2022

Today, the product goes on sale on November 10, 2022.We are pleased to announce our new YATONO-BNC 50Ω cable. YATONO-BNC 50Ω cable ・Made exclusively for high-precision clock generators for home audio applications.・The inner conductor is insulated with a high foam material with excellent high-frequency insulation characteristics to achieve ultra-low loss in the high-frequency band. High purity single copper wire is used for the conductor.・Tuned with BriseAudio's proprietary high sound quality technology (multiple materials including proprietary special CNT material*1, special electromagnetic wave absorption shield material*2, BS sheet*3, etc.)・The 50Ω BNC connector is a newly developed dedicated connector designed for sound quality.・The...

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