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YATONO-RCA is an interconnect cable for home audio systems, targeting middle grade to high end systems.
YATONO-RCA uses original wire material (special high-purity single-crystal copper conductor) developed and adopted by BriseAudio, which has been repeatedly tested and developed in various environments including our own test environment. In addition, BriseAudio's original technologies for high sound quality (originally developed special CNT material*1, special electromagnetic wave absorbing shield material*2, multiple materials including BS sheet*3, etc.) have been used to achieve even higher levels of sound quality.

BriseAudioでは、ハイエンドオーディオ向けのケーブルを主に20年ほど開発してまいりました。そのノウハウと、より厳しい環境であるポータブルオーディオケーブルの開発で培った大きなノウハウをホームオーディオケーブルに再投入することで新たなステージへと押し上げる完成度となりました。 ホームオーディオケーブルのYATONOシリーズではミドルレンジからハイエンドレンジまでの機材で特に相性がよく、機材の性能を出来るだけ損なうことなく音楽にスムーズに入っていけるよう音作りしております。解像度情報量一辺倒ではなく、音楽の佇まい空気感も大切にしました。

In order to take advantage of the excellent properties of CNTs, we have developed the optimum material through repeated joint tests and comparative audits conducted by a national research institute and a cooperating material manufacturer. Excellent shielding capability. Excellent shielding ability. Various other useful physical properties. (The properties of CNTs vary depending on whether they are single-phase or multi-layered.)

It is a material that absorbs electromagnetic waves & converts heat with very high effectiveness, especially in the high-frequency band, consisting of 7 layers. 
This is the core material used in all our high-grade cables, including our flagship cable MURAKUMO.

BS sheet is a material that boosts the positive sound quality effects of other materials while having very little negative impact on sound quality.

YATONO grade high sound quality processing

Contents will be changed depending on the wire material and cable type. The image shows the standard high quality sound processing structure partially used in Brise Audio YATONO grade cables.

BriseAudio Original RCA Connectors

BriseAudio's original high sound quality RCA terminals have been developed and adopted. The center pin material and shell were also carefully designed.
・ケーブル接続部は余裕のあるはんだ付け構造によりの確実な接続と伝送損失を徹底的に低減。 24金メッキを施し、接続端子との親和性と長期に渡る接点の経年劣化を防止しています。
・外周はコレットチャック式を採用、高い安全性と確実なトルクによる締結で 振動面も大幅に抑制し、実使用上の確実性と音質を高めました。
Teflon, which has low capacitance and is effective in absorbing electromagnetic vibrations, is used as the insulating material.
We tested a considerable number of available plugs and completed this product after research and trial and error on sound quality trends by combining parts and structures.

◆Home audio cables Environment for development and evaluation

Brise Audio has a high-end listening room as an environment for the development and evaluation of audio cables and other products.
Multiple evaluation environments are available, including home audio, desktop audio, and headphone audio.
We create highly accurate sound through repeated viewing in a variety of environments.


YATONO-RCA 1.0m [Model Number: YTNRCA010] JAN: 4589796709398
YATONO-RCA 1.5m [Model Number: YTNRCA015] JAN: 4589796709404
YATONO-RCA 2.0m [Model Number: YTNRCA020] JAN: 4589796709411
YATONO-RCA 3.0m [Model Number: YTNRCA030] JAN: 4589796709428
※The aging period will take about 150-200 hours to settle down.

ConductorHigh-functionality high-purity copper conductor
WireBriseAudio Original Wire Rods
Sound quality constructionYATONO High sound quality special processing
shieldingPartially constructed (broadband non-magnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material + various anti-vibration materials + various special materials + insulating materials)
Warranty period1 year

※Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.


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This is a service that allows you to listen to the music in your own home. This service is available only for residents in Japan.


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