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YATONO-BNC(50Ω) is a cable compatible with high-precision clock generators for home audio

・Made exclusively for high-precision clock generators for home audio applications.

・The inner conductor is insulated with a high foam material with excellent high-frequency insulation characteristics to achieve ultra-low loss in the high-frequency band. High purity single copper wire is used for the conductor.

・Tuned with BriseAudio's proprietary high sound quality technology (multiple materials including proprietary special CNT material*1, special electromagnetic wave absorption shield material*2, BS sheet*3, etc.)

・The 50Ω BNC connector is a newly developed dedicated connector designed for sound quality.

・The sound quality is pyramid-balanced with a very solid framework. The sound field is not blurred, the expanse is clear, and there is no dissipation. The sound quality has been finished so that they have a modern sound quality trend.

YATONO-BNC is a high-precision clock cable for home audio, targeting middle grade to high-end systems.

Recently, many 10MHz output-compatible master clocks that claim ultra-high precision and ultra-low phase noise, which are the backbone of digital audio, have appeared on the market.

We have developed this cable as a 50Ω audio cable that accurately transmits a higher high-frequency bandwidth than conventional cables.

The inner conductor is insulated with a highly foamed material with excellent high-frequency insulation characteristics to achieve ultra-low loss in the high-frequency band.
It has excellent transmission characteristics over time, minimizes the effects of noise from external radio waves, and reduces leakage of radio waves to the outside to a minimum.

We have been developing the product through repeated daily tests in various environments including our test environment (GPS, ultra-low phase noise oscillator, etc.).
YATONO-BNC uses ultra-low-loss high-precision 50Ω wire material (high purity single copper wire is used for conductor). Shielding materials include high-density copper braid and copper foil.
Ultra-low loss is achieved in the high-frequency range.

Furthermore, BriseAudio's proprietary high sound quality technology (proprietary special CNT material*1)
This model aims for even higher performance with special electromagnetic wave absorbing shield material*2, BS sheet*3 and other multiple materials) placed near the terminals.

The sound quality is pyramid-balanced with a very solid framework, and the sound field is not blurred, the expanse is clear, and the sound quality tends to be modern without being dissipated.
The sound is unwavering and full of power, and the thick mid to high range extension is well contoured and clear, especially in the low frequency range, reproducing even the low frequency expression.
It features a natural bandwidth balance that makes the user unaware of the presence of the cable.

BriseAudio has been developing cables mainly for high-end audio for about 20 years. With that know-how and
By reintroducing into home audio cables the significant know-how gained from the development of portable audio cables, which are subjected to a more severe environment
It is a level of perfection that pushes us to a new stage.
The YATONO series of home audio cables are particularly compatible with equipment in the mid to high-end range.
The sound is created so that the music can be played smoothly without sacrificing the performance of the equipment as much as possible.
We did not focus solely on the amount of resolution information, but also placed importance on the appearance and atmosphere of the music.

In order to take advantage of the excellent properties of CNTs, we have established a three-way collaboration with a national research institute and a cooperating material manufacturer.
We have developed the optimum material through repeated joint testing and comparative listening. Typical properties of CNTs include
20 times stronger than steel, 10 times more thermally conductive than copper, half the density of aluminum. Superior shielding capability.
Various other useful physical properties. (The properties of CNTs vary depending on whether they are single-phase or multilayer structures, etc.)

It is a material that absorbs electromagnetic waves & converts heat with very high effectiveness, especially in the high-frequency band, consisting of 7 layers.
This is the core material used in all our high-grade cables, including our flagship cable MURAKUMO.

BS sheet is a material that boosts the positive sound quality effects of other materials while having very little negative impact on sound quality.

YATONO grade high sound quality processing

Contents will be changed depending on the wire material and cable type. The image shows the standard high quality sound processing structure partially used in Brise Audio YATONO grade cables.

The 50Ω dedicated BNC connector has been newly developed for audio applications.

◆Home audio cables Environment for development and evaluation

Brise Audio has a high-end listening room as an environment for the development and evaluation of audio cables and other products.
Multiple evaluation environments are available, including home audio, desktop audio, and headphone audio.
We create highly accurate sound through repeated viewing in a variety of environments.

◆Evaluation environment for development (measuring instruments)

In the development and pre-shipment inspection of audio equipment and cables, Brise Audio emphasizes not only listening tests but also quantitative evaluations using measuring instruments.

・Audio analyzer(Audio Precision社 APx555B, APx515B)
・Spectrum analyzer(Rohde&Schwarz FPC1500)
・Near-field probes(Rohde&Schwarz HZ-15)
・Impedance Analyzer(HIOKI IM3570)
・High precision digital multimeter(Keysight 34465A, 34461A)
・digital oscilloscope(Rigol社 MSO5074A)

Our engineers, who are well versed in both the electrical and electronic fields and audio, evaluate and inspect the products from various perspectives, using industry-standard measuring instruments such as
We evaluate the workmanship in a listening environment for final product development.


YATONO-BNC-50Ω 0.5m 【MNP:YTBNC-50-005】 JAN:4570113631003
YATONO-BNC-50Ω 1.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-50-010】 JAN:4570113631010
YATONO-BNC-50Ω 1.5m 【MNP:YTBNC-50-015】 JAN:4570113631027
YATONO-BNC-50Ω 2.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-50-020】 JAN:4570113631034
YATONO-BNC-50Ω 3.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-50-030】 JAN:4570113631041
YATONO-BNC-50Ω 4.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-50-040】 JAN:4570113631058
YATONO-BNC-50Ω 5.0m 【MNP:YTBNC-50-050】 JAN:4570113631065 

※The aging period will take about 150-200 hours to settle down.

ConductorHigh Purity Copper Single Wire
WireBriseAudio Custom Wire
Sound quality constructionYATONO High sound quality special processing
shieldingPartially constructed (broadband non-magnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material + various anti-vibration materials + various special materials + insulating materials)
Warranty period1 year

※Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.


Please feel free to contact us, including inquiries about our products.


This is a service that allows you to listen to the music in your own home. This service is available only for residents in Japan.


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