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TSURANAGI after-sales service

①Upgrade to TSURANAGI-V2

From May 2024, we will start the upgrade service from TSURANAGI to TSURANAGI-V2 with the sales of TSURANAGI-V2.

【Version Upgrade Details】

1. 6dB reduction in gain  Purpose: Reduction of residual noise
New resistors with different values are used.
This lowers the gain level and makes noise less perceptible even with highly sensitive earphones.
The gain was reduced from 10.5 dB to 4.5 dB, resulting in a 45% reduction in noise.
Although the lower gain makes it more difficult to maintain sound pressure, modern players have high output, so we judged this to be sufficient.
At 10.5 dB, the gain was set high because it was assumed that headphones of several hundred ohms could be used with low-power players.

2. volume curve change  Purpose: Improve ease of volume adjustment
Previously, the curve went up quickly in the low volume range, but it was changed to a linear curve because it is sometimes difficult to adjust with highly sensitive earphones. The minimum and maximum volume levels remain unchanged.


3. change to laser engraved casePurpose: Improve printing durability
Printing on conventional cases could be scraped off.
TSURANAGI-V2 is laser-engraved, which greatly improves durability.
The printing design has also been changed to make it simpler.
Printing on the case top panel has been changed to "TSURANAGI-V2" to distinguish it from conventional products.

4. new battery replacement

5. new volume knob replacement

6. operation test similar to the pre-shipment test
This includes operational testing similar to pre-shipment testing before and after the upgrade.

The warranty period for upgrading is 3 months from the date of purchase. If the warranty period of TSURANAGI before the upgrade is longer, that will take precedence.

②Refresh Plan

We offer a refresh plan so that TSURANAGI can be used for a long time.

【Refresh Plan Contents】

1. new case replacement
Refresh printing blurring, scratches on the case, etc.

2. new battery replacement
Battery life will be as good as new.
Due to the nature of batteries, the maximum capacity of the battery gradually decreases over time and is included in the service.

3. new volume knob replacement (optional)
The volume knob can be replaced with a new one as an option.


Refresh Plan (for TSURANAGI and TSURANAGI-V2)
 Plan A:without volume knob replacement:35,000 yen including tax
 Plan B:with volume knob replacement:40,000 yen including tax
 here to purchase.

Version Up Plan (for TSURANAGI)
 Plan C:with volume knob replacement:100,000 yen including tax
 here to purchase.

④Flow of refresh/version up

Those who have purchased a plan through Brise Audio's direct sales (both domestic and international).
1. please send TSURANAGI to the following address

Brise Audio
135-5 Yorokubu, Tamamuramachi, Sawa-gun, Gunma

2. upgrade and pre-shipment testing. We will keep the product for up to one month.

3. return to customer

Those who have purchased a plan through an Exclusive Distributor overseas
1. If you purchased from a store that falls under the Exclusive Distributor listed in the dealer, please send TSURANAGI to the source of purchase.

2. dealer sends back to Brise Audio

3. upgrade and pre-shipment testing. We will keep the product for up to one month.

4. returned by Brise Audio to the dealer

5. returned by the dealer to the customer

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