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Silver Concept Ultimate Development of high-performance sterling silver cable ( Finished as the planned number of cables has been sold out )

Brise Audio's first silver wire cable, which was presented at the Winter Headphone Festival mini 2023, will be sold on a limited basis.


Brise Audio has been unable to find a silver wire that meets our standards of sound quality for earphone and headphone cables
among the silver wires we have repeatedly tested.
With the completion of this prototype cable, we are finally able to present a sterling silver cable of a quality we can unveil.

The amount of conductor is almost the same as that of YATONO, our flagship copper wire material, and is a special high-purity silver.。
Due to the small quantity of prototypes this time, we will sell a limited number of products with the following contents.
At the time of official product release, wire and part specifications may change and prices will be higher than those listed below.
This is the only time we will be selling the cables with the sound of the cables you heard at the Winter Headphone Festival mini 2023.
(※Official release is scheduled for May or later. Wire materials, parts, and other specifications will be slightly changed.)

The prices below are for this prototype lot only and will be discontinued when 100 meters are completed.
Due to the nature of the product, it will be produced after receiving an order.
Due to the large number of orders we are currently receiving, the Silver Concept Ultimate will take approximately two months to ship.
We apologize for the delay. We appreciate your understanding.

Sales will begin today at 6:00 p.m. Japan time from the link below.
The Silver Concept Ultimate Series uses the same parts used in the current Ultimate Series,
with BriseAudio's own high quality sound tuning specifically for silver wire.
※The photo shown is of the Silver Concept 4-wire Ultimate for IEM.

▶ Silver Concept 4-wire Ultimate for IEM Retail price 250,000 yen including tax (Sold out) Earphone cable
 Length of wire required for production:126㎝~

▶ Silver Concept 8-wire Ultimate for IEM Retail price 380,000 yen including tax (Sold out) Earphone cable
 Length of wire required for production:260㎝~

▶ Silver Concept HP Ultimate Retail price 400,000 yen including tax (Sold out) Headphone cable
 Length of wire required for production:280㎝~
 ※Compatible headphones are the same as for the YATONO HP Ultimate.Click here for the correspondence table.

▶ Silver Concept MINI Ultimate Retail price 125,000 yen including tax- (Sold out) Mini mini cable
 Length of wire required for production:21㎝~

▶ Silver Concept CONV Ultimate Retail price 100,000 yen including tax (Sold out) Conversion cable
 Length of wire required for production:11㎝~

 製品名Silver concept
ConductorHigh performance high purity silver conductor
Conductor structureQuad Spira,  W-Quad Spiral, Quad Spiral+Shield
special processingSilver concept Dedicated Tuning
Isolationspecial high-functionality resin
TerminalIt depends on each specification.
Warranty period2 years



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