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NAOBI-Ultimate Earphone Re-Cable

The NAOBI-Ultimate earphone re-cable is a model that aims for the utmost in sound quality without sacrificing ease of handling.
NAOBI wire material was used for the wire material. For high sound quality processing, Ultimate grade sound tuning and high sound quality parts are used in combination.

All the know-how cultivated in the development of YATONO-Ultimate has been put into this product. New material BS sheet and new CNT sheet (carbon nanotube) are used.
Furthermore, it uses a newly developed ultra-high quality plug and cable slider for the Ultimate grade.
In addition, we have made our own tuning to match the NAOBI wire material.

Among our products, the reproducibility of microtonal sounds is one of the best in its class. The sound image is vividly portrayed with fine particles, and is brought to the forefront with a sense of power. It also has high resolution and is characterized by a balance between detailed depiction and a high sense of freshness.

In NAOBI-Ultimate, the final sound quality is determined by our high-end portable amplifiers.TSURANAGI(We developed our own ideal amplifier as a high-end environment necessary for cable development) as a reference amplifier and completed it by repeated careful listening tests and improvements.
 NAOBI-Ultimate is a cable that shows its power the higher the potential of the playback environment.
Furthermore, it is very easy to handle and use among Brise Audio cables.

Six types of connection terminals on the earphone side for optimal sound quality and feel in various usage environments.
For player (amplifier) side input, 4 types (4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3-pole 3.5mm, 4-pole 3.5mm) are available in L-shape and straight (8 types in total).
A total of 48 different options are available.
 ※BriseAudio Direct Store also accepts special length orders.Please feel free to contact us!

Ultimate series

 All are individually controlled by serial number and product ID card; the Ultimate grade is constantly improved after launch and is controlled by a Ref. number on the product ID card.  

The Ultimate Series offers a wide variety of options to flexibly accommodate a wide range of portable audio environments. The cables are made of very expensive parts and materials, and are entirely assembled by hand, a process that does not normally occur in cable production. For this reason, we have decided to make this product completely on a made-to-order basis.

<< Ultimate Product Warranty >>

 The Ultimate grade comes with a 3-year free repair warranty.

However, this offer is only available to customers who have purchased new products.
You will need the included warranty card, product ID card, and proof of purchase (e.g., receipt receipt receipt with purchase date).
*For details of the warranty, please refer to the attached warranty card.
*For customers who purchased used products, the warranty is 1 year free repair from the date of manufacture (all products are managed by serial numbers at our company).


BriseAudio's original wire material (NAOBI), which was completed after the development of wire materials that are easy to handle and advantageous to sound quality, is used.
The special copper base material, which is not only pure but also has a crystalline structure, is spun from about 200 strands as well as YATONO wire that is more than two classes thicker, and these strands are then effectively braided together. These wires are effectively braided together.
 This is the new generation of BriseAudio's wire material, which is very easy to handle and offers excellent sound quality.

BriseAudio Portable Audio Cable Ultimate Grade High quality sound processing

Contents will change depending on the wire material and cable type. The image shows the standard high quality sound processing structure partially used in Brise Audio Ultimate grade cables.

【Uncompromising parts developed exclusively for Ultimate grade】
The parts newly adopted for the Ultimate grade have been developed with additional know-how gained and further time and cost invested without compromise. We are not only concerned with sound quality, but also with quality and perfection.

Uncompromising parts developed exclusively for Ultimate grade

The parts newly adopted for the Ultimate grade have been developed with additional know-how gained and further time and cost invested without compromise. The result is not only in terms of sound quality, but also in terms of the extremely high quality of the finished product.

The cable slider used for the Ultimate grade is machined from OFC and finished with 24k gold coating.This is also effective in terms of sound quality, and we have made adjustments by comparing various materials, shapes, surface finishes, and so on. This is also a part of the finishing process.

For the shape-retaining wire for the earpiece, we have adopted titanium wire, which is specially treated after evaluating the sound quality and selecting the right material.Titanium wire, which is specially treated after evaluating and selecting materials for sound quality, has been adopted. This enables us to support both the handling around the ear and the sound quality.

The tip is bent to prevent ejection & for safety measures.

 Various types of connectors including original high sound quality connectors (MMCX, 2PIN, A2DC, PentaconnEar, IPX, MMCX for Sennheiser) are used (Please inquire for other types of terminals).)
Original terminals (MMCX, CIEM2pin, A2DC, PentacconEar (using OFC axis made by Nihon Dix), IPX, MMCX for Sennheiser) were newly developed for Ultimate grade.
All of these connectors use machined OFC shells. After a long period of development, we have created connectors with a very high level of sound quality and finish. We also have connectors for FitEar (pins are genuine FitEar), IER-Z1R, and others.

OFC (oxygen-free copper) high sound quality original L-shaped plugs (5-pole 4.4mm, 4-pole 2.5mm, 4-pole 3.5mm, 3-pole 3.5mm), all 8 types (L-type straight type) are used

NAOBI-Ultimate uses all (4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3-pole 3.5mm, 4-pole 3.5mm) PentaconnOFC plugs (our custom-specified axis) manufactured by Nippon Dics.
In addition, the shell (outer case part) is made of machined OFC.
The plug has a very luxurious feel and high quality finish, and you can hear a big advantage in sound quality compared to the average plugs on the market.
Both L-shape and straight shells are available, so you can choose the one that best suits your environment.
In addition, new materials have been added inside the plug and in the vicinity of the plug, and significant improvements have been made, including shielding and vibration damping.

NAOBI-Ultimate Product Lineup *Made-to-order model 

【for MMCX 】
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L544-MX】JAN:4570113630013 
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-S544-MX】JAN:4570113630020
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L425-MX】JAN:4570113630037
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-S425-MX】JAN:4570113630044
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L335-MX】JAN:4570113630051
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-S335-MX】JAN:4570113630068
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L435-MX】JAN:4570113630075
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-435-MX】JAN:4570113630082
【for CTEM2pin】 
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-L544-2P】JAN:4570113630099
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm ストレートプラグ-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-S544-2P】JAN:4570113630105
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-L425-2P】JAN:4570113630112
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-S425-2P】JAN:4570113630129
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-L335-2P】JAN:4570113630136
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-S335-2P】JAN:4570113630143
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-L435-2P】JAN:4570113630150
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-CIEM2pin 【Model number:NOBU-435-2P】JAN:4570113630167

【for PentaconnEar】
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-L544-PE】JAN:4570113630174
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-S544-PE】JAN:4570113630181
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-L425-PE】JAN:4570113630198
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-S425-PE】JAN:4570113630204
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-L335-PE】JAN:4570113630211
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-S335-PE】JAN:4570113630228
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-L435-PE】JAN:4570113630235
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-PentaconnEar 【Model number:NOBU-435-PE】JAN:4570113630242

【for A2DC 】
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-L544-AD】JAN:4570113630259
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-S544-AD】JAN:4570113630266
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-L425-AD】JAN:4570113630273
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-S425-AD】JAN:4570113630280
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-L335-AD】JAN:4570113630297
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-S335-AD】JAN:4570113630303
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-L435-AD】JAN:4570113630310
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-A2DC 【Model number:NOBU-435-AD】JAN:4570113630327

【for FitEar】
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-L544-FE】JAN:4570113630334
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-S544-FE】JAN:4570113630341
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-L425-FE】JAN:4570113630358
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-S425-FE】JAN:4570113630365
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-L335-FE】JAN:4570113630372
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-S335-FE】JAN:4570113630389
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-L435-FE】JAN:4570113630396
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-FitEar 【Model number:NOBU-435-FE】JAN:4570113630402

【for IER-Z1R】
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-L544-IER】JAN:4570113630419
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-S544-IER】JAN:4570113630426
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-L425-IER】JAN:4570113630433
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-S425-IER】JAN:4570113630440
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-L335-IER】JAN:4570113630457
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-S335-IER】JAN:4570113630464
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-L435-IER】JAN:4570113630471
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-IER 【Model number:NOBU-435-IER】JAN:4570113630488

【 for Sennheiser (IE300 IE600 IE900)MMCX 】
 NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L544-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630495
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-S544-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630501
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L425-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630518
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-S425-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630525
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L335-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630532
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-S335-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630549
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-L435-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630556
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-Sennheiser IE300, IE900用MMCX 【Model number:NOBU-435-ZIEM】JAN:4570113630563

 【 for IPX 】
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm L-type plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-L544-IPX】JAN:4570113630570
NAOBI-Ultimate- 5-pole Φ4.4mm straight plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-S544-IPX】JAN:4570113630587
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm L-type plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-L425-IPX】JAN:4570113630594
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ2.5mm straight plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-S425-IPX】JAN:4570113630600
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-L335-IPX】JAN:4570113630617
NAOBI-Ultimate- 3-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-S335-IPX】JAN:4570113630624
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm L-type plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-L435-IPX】JAN:4570113630631
NAOBI-Ultimate- 4-pole Φ3.5mm straight plug-IPX 【Model Number:NOBU-435-IPX】JAN:4570113630648

 Total length 1.2m

※The aging period takes about 150 hours to settle down.

ConductorHigh-functionality high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structure-
special processingUltimate Processing
Isolationspecial high-functionality resin
TerminalVarious types are available. Please see product descriptions.
Warranty period2 years


Compatible grades of NAOBI-Ultimate earphone re-cables are

NAOBI × Ultimate

The cable grade of BriseAudio is
 線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード
is determined.



Store equipped with listening devices

We are continually expanding the number of stores where you can audition our product. If there are no stores nearby where you can listen to our product, it is also possible to lend it directly (within Japan).
Despite the equipment being available, if the demo cables are not out in the store, please ask the store staff.

◆e-Earphone Akihabara Store 
〒101-0021東京都千代田区外神田4-6-7 カンダエイトビル4F TEL:03-3256-1701
L4.4mm to 2pin
L4.4mm to MMCX

◆Fujiya Avic 
Postal Code: 164-0001, Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 3F Nakano Broadway, Tel: 0120-189-248
L4.4mm to 2pin
L4.4mm to MMCX


Please feel free to contact us, including inquiries about our products.


This is a service that allows you to listen to the music in your own home. This service is available only for residents in Japan.


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