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Developed LAN cables in-house to achieve both sound quality and performance

In this issue, performance is presented in the form of a comparison with commercial products.

Our original LAN cables have the following features

●Equivalent to Category 6 or higher

●Single line with low loss

●Use of our high-performance high-purity copper conductors

Measurement environment

The measurement environment for LAN cables is shown below.

LAN Speed Test and LST Server software were used to measure PC-PC data transfer speeds.

A PCIe 3.0 10 Gbps network interface card (NIC) was used for the PC.

The cable to be measured is,

① Commercial product A (Category 7, 2m)
② Commercial product B (Category 8, 10m)
③ Commercial C (Category 7, 30m)
④ Brise Audio LAN cable (100m)

four items.

Measurement results

The measurement results for LAN cables are shown below.

The results were slightly better or equal to any LAN cable on the market.

For convenience, we could not standardize the length of the cables to be measured, but our longest cable, 100 m, did not degrade the speed.

In addition, our LAN cables are designed to pass Category 6, although they have not been tested to claim the category.

According to actual measurement results, performance seems to be equivalent to Category 7 or Category 8.


We compared the measured values between our original LAN cables exclusively designed for network audio and commercially available high-performance LAN cables.

The results show that the performance is comparable to that of category 7 and category 8 commercial products.

While achieving the sound quality required by Bliss Audio, we have completed a high-performance LAN cable that is fully compatible with the high-rate high-resolution sound sources of today.

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