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BSEP for IE600 earphone re-cable tuned exclusively for Sennheiser IE600 earphones

Dedicated sound quality designed re-cable.

更に、独自の高音質設計を施し防振施工およびCNT(カーボンナノチューブ※1)や 従来の電磁波吸収素材※2を組み合わせ採用する事で、空気感や微細音までも繊細に再現しております。
弊社オリジナルL型端子およびIE600(300/900)専用のMMCX端子を 採用しています。 耳元には形状記憶用チタンワイヤーを装備することで音質を損なうことなく耳周りの形状保持を実現しています。

In order to take advantage of the excellent properties of CNTs, we have been working with national research institutes and
Through repeated joint tests and comparative listening tests conducted by the three parties, including cooperating material manufacturers, we have been able to develop a new product that is a perfect match for our customers' needs.
We have developed optimal materials.
Typical properties of CNTs include
20 times stronger than steel, 10 times more thermally conductive than copper, and half the density of aluminum.
Excellent shielding ability. Various other useful physical properties.   
(The properties of CNTs vary depending on the single-layer or multilayer structure, etc.)

Special electromagnetic wave absorbing material consisting of 7 layers (converts electromagnetic waves into heat)
It is a very special and valuable material with very high shielding performance and thinness.

Adopted cable slider

All processes are performed and manufactured in Japan. It also has an effect as a vibration stabilizer. Various materials are considered and adopted.

BriseAudio original L-shaped plug

BriseAudio's original L-shaped plug has been developed to improve sound quality and convenience. The result is a high-quality plug with not only excellent sound quality, but also a very high quality feel and comfort of use.

Product line-up

BSEP for IE600- 5極Φ4.4mmプラグ 【型番:BSEPIE600-544MX】JAN:4589796709435
BSEP for IE600- 4極Φ2.5mmプラグ 【型番:BSEPIE600-425MX】JAN:4589796709442
BSEP for IE600- 3極Φ3.5mmプラグ 【型番:BSEPIE600-335MX】JAN:4589796709459
BSEP for IE600- 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug [Model No.: BSEPIE600-435MX] JAN: 4589796709466


 製品名BSEP for IE600
ConductorHigh-functionality high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureQuad Spiral構造  
special processing-
Isolationspecial high-functionality resin
TerminalIt depends on each specification.
Warranty period1 year

 *Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

The grades supported by BSEP for IE600 are

Dedicated cable × Dedicated tuning

The cable grade of BriseAudio is
 線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード
is determined.



Stores with BSEP for IE600 listening devices already deployed

We are continually expanding the number of stores where you can audition our product. If there are no stores nearby where you can listen to our product, it is also possible to lend it directly (within Japan).
Despite the equipment being available, if the demo cables are not out in the store, please ask the store staff.

◆e-Earphone Akihabara Store 
〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田4-7-1 新東ビル TEL(ナビダイヤル):0570-06-1118(受付時間 11:00 ~ 20:00)
(4.4mm to IE600)

Postal Code: 164-0001, Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 3F Nakano Broadway, Tel: 0120-189-248
(4.4mm to IE600)


Please feel free to contact us, including inquiries about our products.


This is a service that allows you to listen to the music in your own home. This service is available only for residents in Japan.


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