Specially produced as speaker cable for RAAL SR1a. Standard length is 1 meter pair.
Length can be changed.

BriseAudio original cable (high performance high-purity copper is used for conductor) is used for the wire material, and 8 cores are used per channel.

The terminals can be selected from BriseAudio's original spade terminals or banana terminals.

This is a limited edition model available only at the official BriseAudio store and will be available until October 31, 2019.

Item Name.
BRSP for SR1a 1.0
High purity copper conductor
Special High Performance Resin
Gold-plated banana terminals or spade terminals
58,000 yen, tax not included
Official Store

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Unfortunately, our listening cables were stolen and sold to a second-hand dealer the other day, so we have changed our policy for listening units, especially for high-priced cables, to remove our logo and affix a label stating "listening cable. Although it is our intention to provide you with the same cables as the product version including the appearance, we believe that it is most important for our cables to be auditioned first, and we would like to continue the rental of audition cables in the future. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.