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Briseaudio can make any special cable to your specifications. Here is an example.

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This is an example of a custom-ordered cable.

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YATONO specification RCA cable

Customer-specific original headphone cable

UPG-CONV miniXLR4 male to TH600 conversion 10cm pair

Customer's original headphone re-cable & conversion cable

YATONO-Phono cable (1.2m) DIN-L to RCA*2 + GND wire (for LP12 LINN arm (EKOS,EKOS-SE etc.))

STR7-CONV Ref.(8wire) 5-pole 4.4mm female plug to 4-pole XLR male conversion cable.

We have created http://UPG001Ref.SE miniXLR5pole to Fitear with black sleeve OP! This cable is specially designed for Astell&Kern KANN Cube.

We have created a special-order specification customer original earphone re-cable. : MYTEC exclusive balanced OFC 6.3㎜ x2 to MDR-Z1R

Customer Special Order Cable] MASAMUNE-CONV 4-pole XLR to 4.4mm 4-core 15cm This cable is not in our lineup, but we have received several requests for this specification.

We have made speaker cables for the RAAL SR1a. Standard is 1m pair, length can be changed.

Customer-ordered cable] MURAKUMO + CNT + α headphone re-cable. All terminals are OFC plugs made by Nihon Dics at the customer's request. We have changed the sound production a little to match it.

Customer Special Order Cable]: XLR 4-pole (male) to 5-pole 4.4mm mini plug (female), cable length 20cm, MURAKUMO + CNT model.

I made a 1.0m miniXLR5pin to XLR LINE balanced output dedicated cable as soon as possible! The cable changes the sound very much!

Special order cable] YATONO-CONV 4-pole XLR to OFC 6.3mm plug This is the original 6.3mm plug, which is hidden by heat shrinkage.

Custom-ordered speaker cables. Original terminal specifications.

Prototype speaker cable gold-plated Y-lug bi-wiring specification (φ8.0mm compatible) 1.0m/pair

YATONO DC cable S-ATA power cable for 3.5" HDD (5V&12V: for external power supply) 1.5m Very effective cable.

We have produced an unusual cable! It changes the sound very much! MASAMUNE S-ATA 70cm MASAMUNE DC5pin to SATA 50cm

Subject: Headphone re-cable for MDR-Z7 Mainly anime songs with female vocal. Maaya Sakamoto CLEAR MONDO GROSSO Labyrinth (Hikari Mitsushima) Utada Hikaru Vocal breath is faltering and I want to improve. Used at home. We have produced this product based on such a request!

Subject: Earphone re-cable Mainly anime songs Ten Amamiya "Skyreach" "Oath" Idolmaster "M@STRPEACE" "UNION" Vocals can be heard beautifully and clearly while also utilizing the low frequency range. We produced this product in response to these requests!

UPG001 DC cable for PC (general purpose 4pin to S-ATA with white sleeve)


Balanced mini mini cable MURAKUMO4 4.4mm to 2.5mm

MASAMUNE Headphone Re-Cable for MDR-Z1R

1/4 TRS to 3-pole 3.5mm*2 MASAMUNE-HP balanced cable (used by RME, Mytek, etc.)

Sp cable specially produced for sound quality requests.

UPG001HP Ref. Headphone Re-Cable for LCD4

1:OSAFUNE-DC φ5.5-2.1mm to DC cable for SATA 2:MASAMUNE-DC φ5.5-2.1mm to φ5.5-2.5mm general purpose DC cable 3:MASAMUNE-SATA cable

SHINKAI-DC cable for N-mode X-PM10,X-HA10

MASAMUNE Conversion Cable 4-pole XLR to OFC-Pentaconn (4.4mm)

Portable custom-made 8-conductor headphone recable for edition15(8EX),Jubilee 25 Edition

USB-TypeA to LEMO-4pin UPG001-USB cable for CHORD QBD76HDSD early type only

STD001HPRef. for HD800/S

MASAMUNE-HP 6.3mm→MMCX(for ULTRASONE Edition5 Unlimited)

LUMIN S1,A1,T1 exclusive use UPG001 Ref.DC cable

M23 SHINKAI DC cable for CH Precision X1

We have produced a special headphone re-cable for HD25 with Ref. grade for a special cable.

SHINKAI headphone re-cable, made for SONY MDR-Z1R.

3-pole 3.5mm*2 to 4-pole 2.5mm jack for SONY PHA-3 UPG001-CONV cable

Mini mini cable MURAKUMO4 4-pole 2.5mm-4-pole 2.5mm for balanced connection

UPG001 Ref.USB power and signal isolation cable

1/4 TRS to 4-pole 2.5mm jack UPG001 Ref.-CONV custom spec cable (used by RME, Mytek, etc.)

Earphone re-cable for SONY EX1000.

Headphone re-cable for Mr Speakers. UPG001HP Ref. Specifications

Headphone Re-Cable MURAKUMO⁺α Concept for LCD4

Dedicated AES output cable for Lynx E22/E44 with MASAMUNE specifications.

Headphone Re-Cable MURAKUMO+α Concept for FOCAL UTOPIA

Special headphone re-cable for FOCAL UTOPIA.

UPG001HP Headphone Cable for MDR-Z1R, Z7, EAH-T700.

Headphone re-cable SHINKAI specification for FOCAL UTOPIA. Balanced 3-pole XLRx2

4.4mm(Rhodium)-2.5mm(Rhodium) balanced mini mini-cave with MURAKUM.

WM-Dock cable for WALKMAN with variable LINE output, made to MURAKUMO-6 specifications.

OSAFUNE specification headphone re-cable for HD650

MrSpeakers Headphone re-cable SHINKAI spec for ETHER Flow. Balanced 3-pole XLRx2

Conversion cable with MURAKUMO⁺α concept specifications.

UPG001HP Headphone Re-Cable for LCD4. balanced 4-pole XLR.

SATA cable & DC cable for HDD for PC audio. One side free wiring specification and DC conversion cable for external power supply.

Prototype] Pentaconn balanced cable for MDR-1A (4.4mm balanced plug).

UPG001HP for MrSpeakers ETHER Flow 3-pole 3.5mm

UPG001CONV special order IRIS conversion cable.

A customer's special creation is ready! This is a headphone re-cable for the pioneer SE-MASTER1. The specification is SHINKAI+special specification (replacement of plugs, etc.).

Prototype] OTG cable for portable audio

Original specifications for the winner】 Produced based on the 8-core stationary headphone cable under development. Tuned using a small amount of electromagnetic wave shielding material and various materials. The color is dark red as requested.

STD001HP for MrSpeakers ETHER, ETHER-C 2.5m 3-pole x2 (balanced) cannon plug.

Customer special order] Mini-mini cables (MURAKUMO & MASAMUNE) with 2.5mm 4-pole at both ends.

WM-Dock cable for WALKMAN (LINE output fixed SHINKAI specification, cable length 8cm). This is a fixed volume (volume pass) specification, but variable volume specification is also available. 1709

UPG-W is an experimental development beta machine based on the newly developed UPG001. 2pin & mmcx are produced. It tends to be closer to the thickness and texture of the mid-low range and the sense of scale.

Mini mini cable with MURAKUMO specifications. From left to right: 6-core, 8-core, 12-core (wire materials are different) These cables were made for the event. Especially, 6-core and 12-core cables have different characters, and the audience's preference was divided into two groups.

This is the MASAMUNE+α earphone re-cable for 2pin mmcx, a 2016 summer experimental model of the Pota Research Institute. This model is far from the practical use, but it is a MASAMUNE grade model with all the attention paid to sound quality.

WM-Dock cable for WALKMAN (LINE output fixed MASAMUNE specification, cable length 8cm). This is a fixed volume (volume pass) specification, but variable volume specification is also available.

Conversion cable compatible with the new standard 5-pole 4.4mm plug.

This is an earphone re-cable MURAKUMO+α concept. There is no practicality as an earphone re-cable.

METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE DC cable for T2i Signature 50cm MURAKUMO grade

MURAKUMO + α specification earphone re-cable MMCX-4-pole cannon (machined brass boot)

MMCX to mini XLR 4-pole conversion cable

特注仕様:MYTEC専用バランスOFC6.3㎜ x2 to MDR-Z1R

MrSpeakers:Headphone Re cable SHINKAI specification for ETHER

MASAMUNE-specification RCA cables. Special 40cm pair for headphone amps.

STD001 earphone re-cable. Plug AK genuine 4-pole 2.5mm specification.

3-pole MURAKUMO-spec earphone re-cable for UE2 pin

Customer-ordered MURAKUMO-specification DC plug for external power supply for PC audio internal storage.

DC cable for ATX power supply for mastering PC. High purity copper for audi is used for wiring. The specifications are special specifications with further countermeasures from MURAKUMO.

This is a SATA cable with special specifications (similar to MURAKUMO) designed for mastering PC applications. Of course, it is also highly effective for audio PC use.

This is a power cable for SATA with special specifications (similar to MURAKUMO) made for mastering PC applications. Of course, it is also highly effective for audio PC applications.

PentaconnOFC4.4㎜ to FOCAL UTOPIA(黒端子は特注・通常版はシルバー端子です。)

6Gbps S-ATA III compliant serial cable, further improved from MURAKUMO, designed for NAS (DELA) applications.

Prototype] DC filter for audio PC and ATX power supply. It is installed in our audio PC & NAS.

DC cable for Mark Levinson No.32L (MURAKUMO) DC cables are DC and low voltage cables, so they are very vulnerable to noise and often become a bottleneck for equipment that is housed in a separate power supply cabinet. We have a sample of this product.

This power cable is designed to feed power directly from the breaker to the equipment (ultra-pure copper wire & MURAKUMO specifications). Since it does not go through a wall wiring unit or tap, the number of contact points can be reduced, and it is very advantageous in terms of vibration. The sound quality is improved by several orders of magnitude, especially in terms of freshness and information content.

COAX output adapter for RME interface. This is a conversion cable to use a general coaxial cable from the D-SUB 9-pin output terminal. This is a special specification that eliminates all unused wires that are disadvantageous to the sound quality of pure products, and uses high-purity copper coaxial wire as the wire material.

This is a 2m SHINKAI specification headphone re-cable for ULTRASONE Edition5 Unlimited. Balanced 4-pole cannon specification.

MURAKUMO mini-mini cable. Rhodium L-plug cable with 6cm length.

We have made a high-end bookshelf with high cost performance for sound. Please visit our special exhibition hall.

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