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Headphone Re-Cable BriseHP for MDR-M1ST

BriseHP for MDR-M1STはSONY社製ヘッドフォンMDR-M1ST専用ケーブルとなります。 スタジオでの使用を考慮し純正ケーブル同様にネジ止め可能な専用端子を採用いたしました。

 BriseHP for MDR-M1STでは純正で用意されていない4極2.5mm端子も含め、4.4mm 3.5mm(4極:3極) 6.3mm 4極XLRなど各種ご用意しました。 ※その他の接続方法などをご希望の場合はお問い合わせください。

We are developing this product with the aim of improving the quality from the genuine product.

Model for dealers 

BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-5 pole 4.4mm 1.3m Model number: BRHP13M1ST544 JAN:4589796725329
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-4 pole 2.5mm 1.3m Model number: BRHP13M1ST425 JAN:4589796725336
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-3 pole 3.5mm 1.3m Model number: BRHP13M1ST335 JAN:4589796725343
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-4-pole 3.5mm 1.3m Model number: BRHP13M1ST435 JAN:4589796725350
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-6.3mm 1.3m Model number: BRHP13M1ST63 JAN:4589796725367
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-4 pole XLR 1.3m Model Number: BRHP13M1ST4XLR JAN:4589796725374

BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-5 pole 4.4mm 2.5m Model Number: BRHP25M1ST544 JAN:4589796725381
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-4 pole 2.5mm 2.5m Model Number: BRHP25M1ST425 JAN:4589796725398
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-3 pole 3.5mm 2.5m Model number: BRHP25M1ST335 JAN:4589796725404
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-4 pole 3.5mm 2.5m Model Number: BRHP25M1ST435 JAN:4589796725411
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-6.3mm 2.5m Model number: BRHP25M1ST63 JAN:4589796725428
BriseHP for MDR-M1ST-4 pole XLR 2.5m Model Number: BRHP25M1ST4XLR JAN:4589796725435

*The aging period settles down after about 100 hours.

 Product nameBriseHP for MDR-M1ST
conductor (electricity)High-performance high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureQuad Spiral Structure
Special processing-
isolationSpecial High Performance Resins
terminalDepends on each specification
Warranty Period6 months

 Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

The grades supported by BriseHP for MDR-M1S are

Dedicated cable × As-Is

BriseAudio's cable grades are.
 Grade of wire x Grade of tuning process
This is determined by the

 More information about the grade can be found here.


BriseHP for MDR-M1ST Listening Device Deployed Stores

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◆Fujiya AEC Inc. 
3F Nakano Broadway, 5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001 TEL: 0120-189-248
Cable for 4.4mm balanced

◆e earphone Akihabara store 
Shinto-Bldg., 4-7-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan TEL (Navidial): 0570-06-1118 (reception hours: 11:00 - 20:00)
Cable for 4.4mm balanced

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