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ASUHA earphone re-cable uses a newly developed 8-core cable. It is a new standard cable from BriseAudio, developed to provide a wider range while maintaining the high resolution and low distortion that are the hallmarks of BriseAudio.

ASUHA is the first BriseAudio product to use carbon nanotubes (CNT*1) for sound quality adjustment. We selected the optimal material.

BriseAudioオリジナルプラグ(4.4mm、2.5mm、3.5mm)を採用しました。アンバランス接続、バランス接続各種対応可能です。 MMCX&CIEM2PINコネクタは、弊社Ref.クラス以上に採用の高品位パーツを採用。CNTとの組み合わせを配慮しスタンダードクラスのイヤフォンケーブルとして初採用いたしました。

FitEar and A2DC will be supported in the future.

※1 CNTの代表的な特性としては、    鋼の20倍の強度、銅の10倍の熱伝導性、アルミの半分の密度。    優れた遮蔽能力。その他様々な有用な物理特性があります。    (CNTは単相や多層構造などにより特性は変わります。)

Since there are many types and choices of earphone re-cables from BriseAudio, we have created a guide to help you choose the right one. Please take a look at it for your reference.

The adopted cable sliders are manufactured in Japan, where all the processes are carried out. It also has an effect as a vibration stabilizer. Various materials are considered and adopted.

For the shape-retaining wire for the earpiece, we have adopted titanium wire, which is specially treated after evaluating the sound quality and selecting the right material.

The tip is bent to prevent ejection & for safety measures.

【BriseAudioオリジナルプラグ採用 】 BriseAuidoオリジナルプラグを採用しました。使い勝手と音質をエントリーグレードでも損なわない工夫を施しました。

【独自設計オリジナル高音質コネクタ(MMCX、2PIN)を採用】 今までは、Ref.モデル以上で採用してまいりましたBriseAudio独自開発の高品質MMCX(2ピン)コネクタを、CNTとの音質的な組み合わせにより特別に採用。全ての素材について、コストをかけ吟味しBriseAudioのノウハウを投入し設計いたしました。それにより大きな音質上のアップデートを実現しております。

You can now also choose a dedicated terminal for SONY earphones (IER-M7 IER-M9 IER-Z1R).

Special MMCX connector compatible with Sennheiser earphones (IE300, IE900)

[Dealer model]

ASUHA 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug-MMCX [Model number: ASUHA544MX] JAN: 4589796725091
ASUHA 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug-MMCX [Model number: ASUHA425MX] JAN: 4589796725107
ASUHA 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug-MMCX [Model number: ASUHA335MX] JAN: 4589796725114
ASUHA 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug - MMCX [Model number: ASUHA435MX] JAN: 4589796725121
ASUHA 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug - 2PIN [Model No.: ASUHA5442P] JAN: 4589796725138
ASUHA 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug - 2PIN [Model No.: ASUHA4252P] JAN: 4589796725145
ASUHA 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug - 2PIN [Model No.: ASUHA3352P] JAN: 4589796725152
ASUHA 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug - 2PIN [Model No.: ASUHA4352P] JAN: 4589796725169
ASUHA 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug-A2DC [Model No.: ASUHA544AD] JAN: 4589796705741
ASUHA 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug-A2DC [Model number: ASUHA425AD] JAN: 4589796705758
ASUHA 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug-A2DC [Model No.: ASUHA335AD] JAN: 4589796705765
ASUHA 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug-A2DC [Model number: ASUHA435AD] JAN: 4589796705772

[ Compatible with dedicated terminals for SONY earphones (IER-M7 IER-M9 IER-Z1R) ].
ASUHA 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug - IER [Model No.: ASUHA544IER] JAN: 4589796706106
ASUHA 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug - IER [Model No.: ASUHA425IER] JAN: 4589796706113
ASUHA 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug - IER [Model No.: ASUHA335IER] JAN: 4589796706120
ASUHA 4-pole Φ3.5mm plug - IER [Model No.: ASUHA435IER] JAN: 4589796706137

[ Sennheiser Sennheiser earphones (IE300 IE900) compatible with MMCX ]
ASUHA 5-pole Φ4.4mm plug - MMCX for Sennheiser IE300, IE900 [Model No.: ASUHA544ZIEM] JAN: 4589796708070
ASUHA 4-pole Φ2.5mm plug - MMCX for Sennheiser IE300, IE900 [Model No.: ASUHA425ZIEM] JAN: 4589796708087
ASUHA 3-pole Φ3.5mm plug - MMCX for Sennheiser IE300, IE900 [Model No.: ASUHA335ZIEM] JAN: 4589796708094
ASUHA 4極Φ3.5mmプラグ-ゼンハイザー IE300, IE900用MMCX【型番:ASUHA435ZIEM】JAN:4589796708100  

The actual prices are all 45,000 yen (excluding tax).
*Click here for custom 2PIN pin assignments.

※4極Φ3.5mmプラグのピンアサインはTRRS(先から)  T=L+  R=R+  R=L-  S=R-  SONY ZX2、NW-WM1Z/1A、OPPO社製品など 多くのメーカーが多くのメーカーが採用しているピンアサインです。 (特殊なアサインも対応可能です。) ※エージング期間は150時間ほどで落ち着いてきます。

 Product nameASUHA
conductor (electricity)High-performance high-purity copper conductor
Conductor structureW-Quad Spiral Structure
Special processing-
isolationSpecialty High Performance Resins
terminalDepends on each specification
PriceTotal length 1.2m
Official StoreBuy Now
Warranty Period6 months

 Please note that some specifications may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement. We appreciate your understanding.

List of stores where you can watch the movie] It will be deployed from June 24. (If you can't find it in the store, please ask the staff.)

Tokyo Metropolitan area

◆e-earphone Akihabara store 4F Kanda Eight Building, 4-6-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 TEL: 03-3256-1701
2PIN and MMCX models (5-pin 4.4mmφ, 3-pin 3.5mmφ, 4-pin 2.5mmφ) are available for listening.

◆FujiyaAbic 3F Nakano Broadway, 5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan TEL: 0120-189-248
2PIN and MMCX models (5-pin 4.4mmφ, 3-pin 3.5mmφ, 4-pin 2.5mmφ) are available for listening.

Osaka (metropolitan area)

◆eイヤホン 日本橋本店 〒556-0005 大阪市浪速区日本橋5-9-19 TEL:06-6631-8683 2PIN,MMCXモデル各種(5極4.4mmφ、3極3.5mmφ、4極2.5mmφ)展示試聴機ございます。 ◆ヨドバシカメラ マルチメディア梅田 〒530-0011大阪府大阪市北区大深町1-1 TEL:06-4802-1010 2PIN,MMCXモデル各種(5極4.4mmφ、3極3.5mmφ、4極2.5mmφ)展示試聴機ございます。

We can lend you a cable for auditioning. Please contact us for a quote.

[As a measure against the new coronavirus, we disinfect the equipment with ultraviolet sterilization equipment before lending it out.]
Unfortunately, our audition cables were stolen and sold to a second-hand dealer the other day, so we have changed our policy for audition cables, especially our high-end cables, to remove our logo and label them as audition cables. Although it is our intention to provide you with the same cables as the product version including the appearance, we believe that it is most important for our cables to be auditioned first, and we would like to continue the rental of audition cables in the future. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We will deliver the products after treating them with a commercial UV sterilizer.

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