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弊社AES/EBUデジタルバランスケーブルのコンセプトシリーズに位置します。 超ハイエンドシステムを想定し設計いたしました。 他に類を見ない解像度・情報量・高い鮮度感・ワイドレンジを獲得。

What is the ideal cable? We have repeated theory and practice under the slogan "What is the ideal cable? The result is the ultimate cable in Briseaudio's opinion. Briseaudio's ultimate cable.

MURAKUMO AES/EBUデジタルバランスケーブル ではAES/EBUやS/PDIF伝送帯域に主に用いられる 数MHz帯域の高周波領域で、伝送インピーダンスが110Ωとなる様に 設計された2芯シールド構造を採用しています。

これにより高周波領域で特に問題となる 反射や輻射と言った信号特性を阻害する要因を防止しています。

アース結線に使われる網組シールド材は、銀コートされた銅線を採用。 更に内周には銅テープを巻き、デジタル伝送で使用される 高周波帯域でのシールド効果を飛躍的に高めています。

The conductor is a high purity single silver wire designed for high-end audio applications in pursuit of sound quality. The conductor is a high purity silver single wire designed for high-end audio applications. The insulation coating is also made of a material with low dielectric constant and The insulation coating is made of a material that has a low dielectric constant and is resistant to secular change. The stable characteristics are maintained over a long period of time.

One of the features of the MURAKUMO series is the luxurious use of multiple layers of an extremely expensive material that is no longer available. One of the features of the MURAKUMO series is the luxurious use of multiple layers of broadband non-magnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material, an extremely expensive material that is currently unavailable. This gives the MURAKUMO series an overwhelming shielding performance. Furthermore, by effectively arranging various different materials This not only provides shielding performance, but also extremely good sound quality in terms of audibility.

The cable itself generates micro vibrations and vibrations received from the outside world are effectively damped by combining several special anti-vibration materials. This has succeeded in reducing the impact on the sound quality significantly.

In addition, by combining several special materials that are effective for different bandwidths Theoretically, a natural extension and high quality of the high frequency range is obtained by suppressing the high frequency drop caused by the increased capacitance of the cable. Audibly, it has a good effect on the entire bandwidth, including the mid and low frequencies.

In an actual connection environment surrounded by noise and magnetic distortion, which interfere with music signal transmission In order to realize accurate and precise sound and a low noise floor, we have adopted a proprietary multi-layer spiral structure with high noise resistance at its core. The originally developed multi-layered spiral structure is adopted. The placement and directionality of the materials are optimized through repeated listening tests and prototypes. As a result, a dramatic improvement in audibility was achieved over a wide bandwidth.

Although it has an extremely complicated structure, our unique know-how has enabled us to make it as thin and flexible as possible, so there are few problems even when connecting to equipment with dense terminal spacing. This means that there is almost no problem even when wiring with equipment that has dense terminal spaces.

The unrivaled low noise floor level is unparalleled. The fusion of audio pleasure and musicality that emerges from this is the hallmark of the MURAKUMO series. Please experience the vast expanse of space and the vivid air and presence that appear there.

The ultimate digital cable to support digital transmission of the latest high-resolution sources, DSD and other high-sampling transmission, and digital transmission of ultra high-end systems. This is the ultimate digital cable to support digital transmission of the latest high-resolution sources, including DSD and other high-sampling transmission, and ultra high-end systems.

Stainless steel rhodium-plated pins are used for the XLR terminals, which are massive and highly reliable. The secure locking mechanism and heavy mass support high quality transmission.

MURAKUMO, our concept series, has been developed specifically for use in ultra high-end audio systems.  MURAKUMO was developed specifically for ultra high-end audio system applications.  Therefore, it requires a very high resolution for audio systems including the environment.  The MASAMUNE series (our reference series) is a model that achieves sound quality approaching that of the MURAKUMO series in many more environments.  MASAMUNE series (our reference series).

*This is a basic structure diagram of the MURAKUMO series. Arrangements are made according to cable types and sound quality trends.

◆Home audio cables Environment for development and evaluation

Brise Audio has a high-end listening room as an environment for the development and evaluation of audio cables and other products.
Multiple evaluation environments are available, including home audio, desktop audio, and headphone audio.
We create highly accurate sound through repeated viewing in a variety of environments.

ConductorHigh purity silver single wire conductor
cross-sectional areaφ1.05mm*2
Conductor structure2-core shielded structure (shield material: copper tape + silver-coated copper wire)
structure13-layer cylindrical structure (complementary winding in each layer)
IsolationHigh purity fluorine resin + foamed polyethylene
shieldingBroadband non-magnetic special multilayer electromagnetic wave absorber + various anti-vibration materials + various special materials + insulating materials
Terminal surface treatment: non-magnetic rhodium plating)
assurance2 years


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