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This cable is positioned in the concept series of our interconnect XLR cables.
It is designed for ultra high-end systems.
It has achieved unparalleled resolution, volume of information, high freshness, and wide range.

The system is designed to be used with SACD players, the latest BD audio, high-resolution downloaded sources, and other high-end audio equipment.
With the advent of SACD players, the latest BD audio, downloadable high-resolution sources, and many networked audio devices that support DSD sound sources
The number of sources with wider bandwidths and greater amounts of information than ever before has increased, and the cables used to transmit these sources are also increasing.
As a part of the equipment, the cables that transmit these sources are required to have a high dynamic range and a wide bandwidth.

What is the ideal cable? We have repeated theory and practice under the slogan "What is the ideal cable?
We have completed the cable by putting all the results of our research over many years into the cable without regard to cost.
Briseaudio's ultimate cable.
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