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YATONO 8wire Ultimate earphone re-cable


YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cable was developed as the highest sound quality model pursuing only sound quality.

We have put all of our current know-how into this cable, and it is the highest sound quality cable in the history of BriseAudio, pursuing high sound quality to an excessive degree as an earphone re-cable. However, it is not very easy to handle, and the feeling is not flattering. We recommend that you try it out before purchasing.
As a cable for earphones, it offers a certain excessive amount of information and range.

Customer Reviews

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Flagship Level

This cable is HEAVY, I recommend it only for stationary use and preferable with custom IEMs.
It needs a lot of burn in time, after 3 months of use it starts opening up:
It has a super black background, strong bass performance, wonderful mids and smooth, non fatiguing highs.
It’s crystal clear and it shows you all the deficiencies of your hifi system, so you better get an excellent DAP and good IEMs.
But then you will be in audiophile heaven. I‘ve never heard anything like this !!!

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YATONO 8wire × Ultimate

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