SONY製イヤホンIER-Z1R用イヤフォンリケーブルBSEP for Z1Rを2月17日に発売します。

SONY製イヤホンIER-Z1R用イヤフォンリケーブルBSEP for Z1Rを2月17日に発売します。

This is a re-cable designed by the Brise Audio team to further enhance the features of the IER-Z1R.

We have been using the IER-Z1R as a test unit for product development since its initial release, considering it one of the reference earphones.

Please note that the IER-Z1R is a product by Sony. You can find more information about the IER-Z1R on their website.

We use the well-regarded 4-core YATONO wire to fully capture the distinctive high and low-frequency contours of the Z1R's sound profile. We have also incorporated a proprietary high-quality sound construction to further enhance its performance.

We use the same materials as our top-grade MURAKUMO cables, including CNT (Carbon Nanotube), special electromagnetic shielding material, and BS sheets. This ensures high-quality sound that matches or exceeds the Ref.2 grade.

We have chosen specific connectors for the IER series to avoid potential damage to the female connectors on the earphones.

You can choose from Brise Audio's original 4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3-pole 3.5mm, and 4-pole 3.5mm plugs, including those with ground separation.

We have used titanium wire that is safe for those concerned about metal allergies.

For more product details, please refer to the link provided.