Volume Curve Change Service of TSURANAGI


This is a service for customers who use TSURANAGI with a high output player and high-sensitivity earphones to change to firmware with a larger volume adjustment range in the low volume range.

●The maximum volume remains unchanged. The maximum gain is 10.5 dB as before.

●The electronic volume allows the volume curve to be changed by changing the firmware.

●We will take care of the firmware change once. The work at our company will be completed in about one day.

●The volume curve will be engraved on the back of the panel so that it can be identified.

●The firmware with the new volume curve will be used for lots released in November 2023 or later.

The curves before and after the volume curve change are shown below.

Before the change, the step was large in the low volume range, but after the change, the volume increases linearly from the minimum volume.

This means that many knob rotation angles are required to achieve conventional volume levels, with the exception of the maximum volume, which can be finely adjusted, especially in the lower volume ranges.

【Flow of firmware modification】

Customers residing in Japan or in countries where we do not have a distributor:

①Purchase firmware change service from ①Purchase link
②Customer returns TSURANAGI to Bliss Audio *Customer bears shipping costs.
③Brise Audio ships to customer

Customers living abroad:
①Purchase firmware change service from distributor.
②Customer returns TSURANAGI to the distributor in each country listed below *Customer bears shipping costs.
③Distributor ships to Brise Audio
④Firmware change at Brise Audio
⑤Brise Audio ships to dealers
⑥Shipment from distributor to customer

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