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弊社インターコネクトRCAケーブルのコンセプトシリーズに位置します。 超ハイエンドシステムを想定し設計いたしました。 他に類を見ない解像度・情報量・高い鮮度感・ワイドレンジを獲得。

SACD players and the latest BD audio, as well as downloaded high-resolution sources and The appearance of many network audio devices that support DSD sound sources has increased the number of sources with wider bandwidths and greater amounts of information than ever before. The cables that transmit these sources are also required to have a high dynamic range and wide range as a part of the equipment. The cables that transmit these sources are also required to have a high dynamic range and a wide bandwidth as a part of the equipment.

What is the ideal cable? We have repeated theory and practice under the slogan "What is the ideal cable? The result is the ultimate cable in Briseaudio's opinion. Briseaudio's ultimate cable.

MURAKUMO RCA cables use The conductor is made of high-purity copper wire designed with the highest priority on sound quality for audio applications. The insulation coating is made of fluoroplastic, which has the second highest dielectric constant after air. The material is also designed to withstand aging. It maintains stable characteristics that can withstand many years of use.

The wiring materials have the same structure and materials, and are twisted together to improve noise resistance and physical flexibility. This structure also has a vibration cancellation effect and contributes to high sound quality.

One of the features of the MURAKUMO series is the luxurious use of multiple layers of an extremely expensive material that is no longer available. One of the features of the MURAKUMO series is the luxurious use of multiple layers of broadband non-magnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material, an extremely expensive material that is currently unavailable. This gives the MURAKUMO series an overwhelming shielding performance. Furthermore, by effectively arranging various different materials This not only provides shielding performance, but also extremely good sound quality in terms of audibility.

By combining several special materials, we have succeeded in effectively attenuating the micro vibrations generated by the cable itself and the vibrations it receives from the outside world. This has succeeded in reducing the impact on the sound quality significantly.

In addition, by combining several special materials that are effective for different bandwidths The high frequency drop caused by the increased capacitance of the cable is suppressed, and a natural extension and high quality of the high frequency range is achieved. Audibly, it has a good effect on the entire bandwidth, including the mid and low frequencies.

In an actual connection environment surrounded by noise and magnetic distortion, which interfere with music signal transmission In order to realize accurate and precise sound and a low noise floor, we have adopted a proprietary multi-layer spiral structure with high noise resistance at its core. The originally developed multi-layered spiral structure is adopted. The placement and directionality of the materials are optimized through repeated listening tests and prototypes. As a result, a dramatic improvement in audibility was achieved over a wide bandwidth.

Although it has an extremely complicated structure, our unique know-how has enabled us to make it as thin and flexible as possible, so there are few problems even when connecting to equipment with dense terminal spacing. This means that there is almost no problem even when wiring with equipment that has dense terminal spaces.

The unrivaled low noise floor level is unparalleled. The fusion of audio pleasure and musicality that emerges from this is the hallmark of the MURAKUMO series. Please experience the vast expanse of space and the vivid air and presence that appear there.

*Standard terminals use chucking-connect stainless steel RCA plugs. The center pin is made of an integrated high-purity solid copper material, directly connected to the wire material and loss-free. The chucking connection provides both high security and smooth connection. Non-magnetic rhodium plating, which is harder than gold plating, is applied to prevent deterioration over time, while giving priority to sound quality.

MURAKUMO, our concept series, has been developed specifically for use in ultra high-end audio systems.  MURAKUMO was developed specifically for ultra high-end audio system applications.  Therefore, it requires a very high resolution for audio systems including the environment.  The MASAMUNE series (our reference series) is a model that achieves sound quality approaching that of the MURAKUMO series in many more environments.  MASAMUNE series (our reference series).

*This is a basic structure diagram of the MURAKUMO series. Arrangements are made according to cable types and sound quality trends.

◆Home audio cables Environment for development and evaluation

Brise Audio has a high-end listening room as an environment for the development and evaluation of audio cables and other products.
Multiple evaluation environments are available, including home audio, desktop audio, and headphone audio.
We create highly accurate sound through repeated viewing in a variety of environments.

name of productMURAKUMO RCA
ConductorHigh purity copper conductor
cross-sectional area0.18/37 x 3 cores
Conductor structureConductor structure STS (Shielded Trident Spiral) structure
structure13-layer cylindrical structure (complementary winding in each layer)
IsolationHigh Purity Fluororesin
shieldingBroadband non-magnetic special multilayer electromagnetic wave absorber + various anti-vibration materials + various special materials + insulating materials
TerminalCarbon stainless steel RCA plug (terminal material: one-piece αOCC (high-purity copper) pin molding Surface treatment: Non-magnetic rhodium plating)
assurance2 years


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