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弊社デジタル及びクロックBNCケーブルのコンセプトシリーズに位置します。 超ハイエンドシステムを想定し設計いたしました。

ハイエンドSACDプレーヤーや最新のネットワークオーディオ機器には BNC信号入力端子や、Word Clock入力端子を備えた機材が増えています。 クロックケーブルに求められる性能を限界まで追い求め、試作と試聴とを繰り返し 長年に渡る研究成果をコスト度外視ですべて投入し完成いたしました。 Briseaudioの考える究極の75Ω専用BNCケーブルです。

高い解像度と膨大な情報量、そして極めて低く抑えられたノイズフロアによる 息を呑むような静寂からの音の立ち上がり、 音の消え際まで余すことなく立体感を持って描き切ります。

基本構造は1芯同軸構造で、中央導体はに高純度銀単線を採用しています。 薄膜の高純度フッ素樹脂で絶縁し、更に絶縁被覆に高発砲ポリエチレン樹脂で充填し、 銅箔テープと銀コートされた銅編組シールド材を配置しています。

By combining several special materials, we have succeeded in effectively attenuating the micro vibrations generated by the cable itself and the vibrations it receives from the outside world. This has succeeded in reducing the impact on the sound quality significantly.

In addition, by combining several special materials that are effective in different bandwidths The high frequency drop caused by shielding is minimized. The natural extension and high quality of the high frequency range is achieved.

One of the features of the MURAKUMO series is the use of One of the features of the MURAKUMO series is the luxurious use of multiple layers of broadband non-magnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material, an extremely expensive The MURAKUMO series is characterized by the luxurious use of multiple layers of a special broadband non-magnetic laminated electromagnetic wave absorber, an extremely expensive material that is currently unavailable. This gives the MURAKUMO series overwhelming shielding performance. Furthermore, by effectively arranging various different materials This material provides not only shielding performance, but also extremely good sound quality in terms of audibility.

Clock cables that exert a great influence on the sound image and focus. The unparalleled low noise floor level is unparalleled. The fusion of audio pleasure and music that results from this is the hallmark of the MURAKUMO series.

*Standard terminals use BNC plugs machined into high-purity silver pins. Copper alloy housing and fluoroplastic insulator are used for secure connection to ensure high safety and The BNC plugs have a copper alloy housing and fluoroplastic insulators to ensure a smooth and secure connection with minimal loss. The pins are gold-plated to prevent deterioration over time, and the design prioritizes sound quality.

MURAKUMO, our concept series, has been developed specifically for use in ultra high-end audio systems.  MURAKUMO was developed specifically for ultra high-end audio system applications.  Therefore, it requires a very high resolution for audio systems including the environment.  The MASAMUNE series (our reference series) is a model that achieves sound quality approaching that of the MURAKUMO series in many more environments.  MASAMUNE series (our reference series).

*This is a basic structure diagram of the MURAKUMO series. Arrangements are made according to cable types and sound quality trends.

◆Home audio cables Environment for development and evaluation

Brise Audio has a high-end listening room as an environment for the development and evaluation of audio cables and other products.
Multiple evaluation environments are available, including home audio, desktop audio, and headphone audio.
We create highly accurate sound through repeated viewing in a variety of environments.

ConductorHigh purity silver single wire conductor
cross-sectional areaφ1.05mm/1 conductor
Conductor structureSingle wire coaxial structure + Silver coated copper mesh
structure13-layer cylindrical structure (complementary winding in each layer)
IsolationHigh purity fluorine resin + foamed polyethylene
shieldingBroadband non-magnetic special multilayer electromagnetic wave absorber + various anti-vibration materials + various special materials + insulating materials
Surface treatment: Special material placement treated
assurance2 years


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