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MIKUMARI Ref.2 Upgrade Cable for Headphones


MIKUMARI Ref.2 is the latest version of BriseAudio's current flagship headphone re-cable, MIKUMARI, which has been upgraded to the ultimate in sound quality by applying the company's current know-how.

The MIKUMARI Ref.2 is the result of BriseAudio's original cable development.
The MIKUMARI Ref.2 is a uniquely developed BriseAudio cable that aims to achieve both the transparency of the mid-high range and the thickness and band extension of the low range, which are the characteristics of BriseAudio cables.
An 8-core structure that is more resistant to noise is used, and our original high sound quality technology is newly optimized and applied.
We aimed for a high balance of sound quality and ease of handling.

MIKUMARI uses BriseAudio's original shielding (7-layer structure) and vibration damping, as well as CNT (carbon nanotubes), to significantly reduce the noise floor and provide a higher quality listening experience.

Sound quality design exclusively for MIKUMARI Ref.2
For MIKUMARI Ref.2, we have further introduced a broadband non-magnetic special multilayer electromagnetic wave absorbing material (7-layer structure), and have made significant improvements not only in shielding but also in vibration countermeasures and other improvements that include know-how cultivated in the development of YATONO.
Sound tendency of MIKUMARI Ref.2
MIKUMARI Ref.2 inherits the same high frequency monitoring trend as MIKUMARI, with a faithful and straightforward sound to the source as its base, and further improves the detailed description and volume of information. The dynamic range is widened by a straightforward extension of the vertical range, and the entire area has a good visibility due to the reduction of the noise floor, as well as a dramatic improvement in spatial description resulting from the quietness of empty space. The resulting three-dimensionality of the sound image and spatial spaciousness are major characteristics of the Ref. grade of BriseAudio cables. In particular, we are proud that the improvement in the underlying direction, especially in the mid and low frequencies, is a major feature of our cables.
When ordering, please be sure to include the model number of your headphones in the special notes.

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