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福袋C YATONO Rh+ 2023Ver (Ref.2と同クラスの施工内容で音質傾向はアニソン・EDM・女性ボーカルを透明感重視で聞かせる傾向) 10本限定







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Exceptionally Good but underrated cable

Was lucky to be able to order this limited edition YATONO Rh+ 2023Ver cable for my IER-Z1R. Saw a post in the IER-AZ1r thread in Head-Fi that the Yatono can make the IER-Z1R from Full HD to Ultra HD and I can confirm this is true.

1st impression was not so good. All I hear was some extra mid bass rumble and slightly higher extension in the treble region. Nothing to write home about considering the price of this cable. Was having some buyers' remorse at this time.

2nd try in my bedroom with every lights or electronics things turned off. Found out with this cable, the volume is slightly lower than the stock IER Z1R cable. Adjusted the volume my WM1Z 10 notches higher, I was pleasant surprised. The mids that was soft and recessed is back but volume matched the highs and lows. This was and is still puzzling to me. With my eyes closed, I can see in my mind eyes the shape of each notes as the pops up. How each individual notes ascends and descends and dances around and enveloping you and lifting you soaring into audio nirvana. This is how good this cable in clarity and transparency and not to forget the deep black background.
Female vocals which was very good with this IEM with stock cable is outstanding now. The extra weight in the upper middle region is the extra touch to bring out the emotions into the songs. Songs like Faye Wong's Eyes On Me never felt so touching and brings me back 20+ years ago when I 1st heard this song in the game.
I can go on and on about this cable with every changes it made but I won't as I feel you need to feel the joy and thrill of discovering new details and rendering this cable brings to songs that you think you know very well.

Final words, thank you very much to the Brise team for this work of art.


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