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YATONO 8wire Ultimateイヤフォンリケーブル


YATONO 8wire-Ultimateイヤフォンリケーブルは、音質のみを追求した最高音質モデルとして開発いたしました。


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Order#: BA#1440
Name of the person who placed the order:蔡ゆん倫
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YATONO 8wire Ultimate
The name you used to submit: 蔡ゆん倫

This YATONO 8-wire Ultimate is one of my favourite cables I love.

The advantage of the copper material is obviously clear for advanced users.

I connect it to my Sony IER-M9, which is monitor earphone. As my understand, the bass of monitor earphone is lighter. Therefore, YATONO 8-wire Ultimate is for balancing the weak(?) park of monitor earphone.
DAP: Sony WM1ZM2

I like female vocal Jpop music, the vocal on Sony M9 feel much forward, and the bass is lighter. I strongly recommend YATONO 8-wire Ultimate for people like me. The reason is YATONO 8-wire Ultimate just optimises the music and female vocal.

The cable make the bass stronger, but not too much, it just makes me feel comfortable. The female vocal goes to a little back and the sound of instruments was too far, and it comes to a little forward. Bass, vocal and background music is just balanced. I really feel so glad the cable brings me. And you can wear the earphone for a long time and your ears would not feel tired.

And the high part. Sometimes the high part of female vocals is too stimulate. YATONO 8-wire Ultimate corrects the problem, which also make soprano feels smooth and comfortable. I love the cable as well that depends on the different
characteristic earphones. Owning different cables is necessary, and Brise Audio products is your best choice. Brise Audio products obviously are your best choice, not only the cables make the music more beautiful, and the quality of the cables are excellent. Although the price is a little higher than other brands, however, it absolutely worth it.


sound is clear. divid of the vocal and background is excellent. bass is stronger. I love it.

Flagship Level

This cable is HEAVY, I recommend it only for stationary use and preferable with custom IEMs.
It needs a lot of burn in time, after 3 months of use it starts opening up:
It has a super black background, strong bass performance, wonderful mids and smooth, non fatiguing highs.
It’s crystal clear and it shows you all the deficiencies of your hifi system, so you better get an excellent DAP and good IEMs.
But then you will be in audiophile heaven. I‘ve never heard anything like this !!!

YATONO 8wire Ultimateイヤフォンリケーブルの対応グレードは

YATONO 8wire × Ultimate

線材のグレード × チューニング加工のグレード


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