◆USB cable for audio YATONO-USB (USB Audio Class 2.0 compatible)

 The YATONO-USB is a USB cable designed to provide the best possible sound quality as an audio USB cable.

The YATONO-USB is made from an original wire material (special high-purity monocrystalline copper conductor), which has been developed and tested in a variety of environments, including our own test environment. Furthermore, BriseAudio's own high quality sound technology (multiple materials including our own special CNT material*1, special electromagnetic wave absorbing shielding material*2, BS sheet*3, etc.) is used to achieve even higher levels of sound quality.
The YATONO range of home audio cables is particularly well suited to mid-range and high-end equipment, allowing you to get into the music as smoothly as possible without compromising the performance of your equipment.

BriseAudio's original high quality USB terminal is adopted.

Through repeated listening and experimentation, we found that USB cables, which transmit higher frequencies than S/PDIF and AES, which are conventional digital transmissions near analogue circuits such as DACs, require very sensitive measures against the impact of sound quality on audio equipment in addition to the requirements of conventional data transmission. We have found that this is a very sensitive issue.
The YATONO-USB is based on the know-how gained from these experiments.


   In order to take advantage of the excellent characteristics of CNTs, we have
   developed the most suitable material by repeating joint tests and comparative
   audition among three parties, including national research institutes and
   cooperating material manufacturers.
   Typical characteristics of CNTs are 20 times the strength of steel,
   10 times the thermal conductivity of copper, and half the density of aluminum.
   Excellent shielding ability. There are many other useful physical properties.
   (The properties of CNTs vary depending on the single-phase or multilayer structure.)
   A material that absorbs electromagnetic waves & converts heat with very high
   effectiveness, especially in high frequency bands, consisting of 7 layers.
   This is the core material used in all of our high-grade cables, including our
   flagship cable MURAKUMO.
   BS Sheet is a material that boosts the positive effects of other materials on
   sound quality, while having very few negative effects on sound quality.


BriseAudio HomeAudio Cable YATONO Grade High quality sound processing

  The content is subject to change depending on the wire material and the type of cable. The image shows the structure of the standard high quality sound processing, which is partly applied to Brise Audio YATONO grade cables.

◆Audio cable (USB cable) Environment for development and evaluation

In order to develop USB cables for audio applications, we have prepared high-end environments such as the following to create sound and evaluate our products.

aurender W20SE
sfz DSP-Vela
mytek manhattan2
Esoteric Grandioso D1
RME Fireface UCX II


 【 販売店様モデル 】


* Aging will settle down in about 150~250 hours.

Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor

YATONO Grade Shield and more

 Insulation Special high functional resin
 Terminal Follow each specification

  ※We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice in order to improve our products.