◆YATONO-Rh2+ 9 types of earphone cable

There are many different types of BriseAudio earphone cables to choose from, so we've created a guide to help you choose the right one. Here's a guide to help you choose. The only one in the balanced and unbalanced headphone/earphone re-cable connection categories We were awarded the Gold Medal for theWe are proud to announce that we have won the Gold Award in both the balanced and unbalanced headphone/earphone re-cable categories for 2021.Headfonia, a European portable audio review site, awarded us the Best IEM cable for 2020.
BriseaAudio's flagship YATONO earphone upgrade cable We have adopted the same wire material as the YATONO, with an emphasis on sharpness and speed. We have developed a different approach to the YATONO and have made it possible to create a sound with an emphasis on sharpness and speed. This is the third in the Rh2+ series and is the pinnacle of the Rh2+ series.

 Using the same material as the flagship YATONO model, the Rhodium-plated plug and special processing to ensure that the Rh2+ model has a high level of reproducibility, making it ideal for use with modern sources.
Based on YATONO's high bandwidth balance and high quality sound, the YATONO delivers a clear sound field that draws the contours of the high frequency range especially in the low frequency range.
The sound quality is characterized by a quick response and speedy response to live music, jazz and other heavy and incisive sources that require a clear response.
 Compared to the other Rh2+ series, the center of gravity is dramatically lowered and supported by stable sound output, the sound field and clarity are of high dimension, and the sound quality tends to be well suited for monitor applications as well as modern tone sources.
 The Rh2+ series uses a special BriseAudio proprietary earphone connector.
MMCX Connector: Special model with rhodium plated center pin and high sound quality design in both metal and plastic materials.
2pin:This is a special model with rhodium-plated pins and high sound quality design for both metal and plastic materials.
Furthermore, the 4.4mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm pins are rhodium plated for high quality sound. FURUTECH plugs.
It is adopted.

In addition, a shielding shield consisting of seven layers is partially placed, and CNT (carbon nanotubes)*1 and other materials are used to create sound at appropriate locations while also giving importance to audible changes.
Other adjustments have been made to the YATONO-Rh2+.
The Rh2+ series is a BriseAudio staple that is a twin of the Ref. It was developed as a high grade model.
Compared to the standard model, the sound sources that are particularly compatible with this model are: hammering, techno, animation songs, and the like. and pop music, etc.
We have created a crisp sound that is suitable for contemporary music.
1 The typical characteristics of CNT are
   20 times stronger than steel, 10 times more conductive to heat than copper, half the density of aluminum.
   Excellent shielding ability. Various other useful physical properties.
   (The properties of CNTs vary depending on their single-phase or multi-layered structure.)


The cable slider we use is manufactured entirely in Japan. This cable slider is also effective as a vibration stabilizer. Various materials have been considered and adopted.

The shape retaining wire for the earpiece is made of titanium, which is specially treated after evaluating the sound quality and selecting the material. We have adopted the wire.

The newly developed original high sound quality plug has been developed from scratch by examining all parts. The plug is appropriate for the grade.
You can also choose a dedicated terminal for SONY earphones(IER-M7 IER-M9 IER-Z1R) It's like.

【 Product lineup 】
YATONO-Rh2+ 5pole Φ4.4mm Plug-MMCX 【MPN:YATN2V544MX】JAN:4589796705949
YATONO-Rh2+ 4pole Φ2.5mm Plug-MMCX 【MPN:YATN2V425MX】JAN:4589796705956
YATONO-Rh2+ 3pole Φ3.5mm Plug-MMCX 【MPN:YATN2V335MX】JAN:4589796705963
YATONO-Rh2+ 5pole Φ4.4mmPlug-2PIN 【MPN:YATN2V5442P】JAN:4589796705970
YATONO-Rh2+ 4pole Φ2.5mmPlug-2PIN 【MPN:YATN2V4252P】JAN:4589796705987
YATONO-Rh2+ 3pole Φ3.5mmPlug-2PIN 【MPN:YATN2V3352P】JAN:4589796705994
[ SONY earphones(IER-M7 IER-M9 IER-Z1R)Dedicated terminals are supported. ] 
YATONO-Rh2+ 5pole Φ4.4mm Plug-IER【MPN:YATN2V544IER】JAN:4589796706205
YATONO-Rh2+ 4pole Φ2.5mm Plug-IER【MPN:YATN2V425IER】JAN:4589796706007
YATONO-Rh2+ 3pole Φ3.5mm Plug-IER【MPN:YATN2V335IER】JAN:4589796706014
[ Connector compatible with Sennheiser IE900 and IE300 has been added. ]
YATONO-Rh2+ 5PoleΦ4.4mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300[MPN:YATN2V544ZIEM]
YATONO-Rh2+ 4PoleΦ2.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300[MPN:YATN2V425ZIEM]
YATONO-Rh2+ 3PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300[MPN:YATN2V335ZIEM]

All lengths are 1.2m.

※The aging period will take about 150 hours to settle down.
 *4pole Φ 3.5 mm pin assignment is TRRS (from the top)
T = L +
R = R +
R = L-
S = R-
SONY ZX 2, NW-WM 1 Z / 1A, OPPO etc.


 Product name YATONO Rh2+
Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor
Conductor structure Quad Spiral
Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal Follow each specification

 ※Partial specification change may be made without prior notice for the purpose of improving products etc. Please be patient.