◆UPG001SE earphone re-cable 

There are many different types of BriseAudio earphone cables to choose from, so we've created a guide to help you choose the right one. Here's a guide to help you choose.The earphone re-cable UPG001SE is a sound quality specialization model of Briseaudio custom re-cable.
We have adopted UPG001 cable developed independently by the highest importance of sound quality.
Adopted a newly developed original connector (MMCX, 2 pin) & original plug(4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm), adopted titanium guide wire.
It was fairly complete compared to the previous model (UPG001). That is the final version of the UPG001 model.
It is a model aiming to maximize the sound quality even if sacrificing the handling somewhat.

Octa14Ref. for JH4pin with attenuator 4pole 2.5mm and OFC-Pentaconn(4.4mm)Briseaudio original MMCX & 2 pin connector adopted.Adopt FitEar genuine connector

UPG001SE has a high amount of information and freshness, and the range is wider.
Tendency to give a three-dimensional feeling by pyramid balance.
The quietness of the space is one of the features.
We aimed to create a sound that I can feel immersed in the fun of music naturally.

UPG001 cable

The cable developed for portable design adopts high-performance high purity conductors, greatly increasing the amount of conductors and maximizing sound quality by maximizing the merit of the conductor.

The adopted cable slider produces all processes in Japan.
It also has the effect as a vibration stabilizer.We consider various materials and adopt it.

We were concerned about the material with shape retaining wire for ear hanging. We evaluated selected materials for sound quality. As a result, we have adopted titanium wire with special treatment.
This makes it possible to support both handling around the ears and sound quality.

Newly developed original plugs adoption

4.4mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm(4pole 3pole)

【 Product lineup 】

UPG001SE 5pole Φ4.4mm plug-MMCX [MPN:UPG1SE544-MX]
UPG001SE 5pole Φ4.4mm plug-2PIN [MPN:UPG1SE544-2P]
UPG001SE 5pole Φ4.4mm plug-FitEar [MPN:UPG1SE544-FE]
UPG001SE 4pole Φ2.5mm plug-MMCX [MPN:UPG1SE425-MX]
UPG001SE 4pole Φ2.5mm plug-2PIN [MPN:UPG1SE425-2P]
UPG001SE 4pole Φ2.5mm plug-FitEar [MPN:UPG1SE425-FE]
UPG001SE 4pole Φ3.5mm plug-MMCX [MPN:UPG1SE435-MX] 
UPG001SE 4pole Φ3.5mm plug-2PIN [MPN:UPG1SE435-2P]
UPG001SE 4pole Φ3.5mm plug-FitEar [MPN:UPG1SE435-FE] 
UPG001SE 3pole Φ3.5mm plug-MMCX [MPN:UPG1SE335-MX] 
UPG001SE 3pole Φ3.5mm plug-2PIN [MPN:UPG1SE335-2P]
UPG001SE 3pole Φ3.5mm plug-FitEar [MPN:UPG1SE335-FE]
Length 1.2m(branch destination 45cm)
※The aging period will be in about 150 hours.

 *Here is the pin assignment of CIEM 2 PIN
 *4pole Φ 3.5 mm pin assignment is TRRS (from the top)
    T = L +
    R = R +
    R = L-
    S = R-   
    SONY ZX 2, NW-WM 1 Z / 1A, OPPO  etc.

 Product name UPG001SE
Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor
Conductor structure Quad Spiral structure
Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal Follow each specification

 ※Partial specification change may be made without prior notice for the purpose of improving products etc. Please be patient.