◆STR7-Rh2+ 6 types of earphone cable

 There are many different types of BriseAudio earphone cables to choose from, so we've created a guide to help you choose the right one. Here's a guide to help you choose.
Earphone re-cable STR7-Rh2 + adopts our well-established cable STR7 (Spiral77 structure).、
The following newly developed original connector is adopted for the first time for this product.
MMCX connector: A special model that has a rhodium-plated center pin and a high-quality sound design for metal and resin materials.
2pin: A special model in which the pin is rhodium-plated and a metal / resin material is designed for high sound quality.
In addition, high-quality plugs with rhodium plating are applied to the adopted 4.4mm, 2.5mm, and 3.5mm terminals.


In addition, sound is made by arranging a shielding shield consisting of 7 layers partially, anti-vibration measures, and constructing CNTs (carbon nanotubes * 1) at appropriate locations.
STR7-Rh2 + inherits the essence of the previous work UPG001Rh + and is a model that has greatly improved its completeness.
Developed as a new high-grade model of BriseAudio that makes 2 TOP together with the Ref model.
Sound sources that are particularly compatible are computer music, techno, anime song, and pop music.
We make sounds for Rh2+ to match contemporary music.

* 1 As typical characteristics of CNT,
   20 times the strength of steel, 10 times the thermal conductivity of copper, half the density of aluminum.
   Excellent shielding ability. There are various other useful physical properties.
   (The characteristics of CNT vary depending on the single phase or multilayer structure.)


◆ Adopted BriseAudio proprietary New cable STR 7 (Spiral 77 structure).

Schematic of STR 7 【Spiral 77) structureSTR 7 (Spiral 77 structure) was developed looking for ideal of portable audio cable. Without sacrificing sound quality.
Aiming at the realization of both, it is a cable developed by introducing basic structure and original know-how like the pic.
We adopt high performance high purity copper with state-of-the-art technology poured into conductors.
As a result, it became a good handling while overflowing with the appeal different from the cable UPG001 which is the mainstream of BriseAudio portable cable.
In the 4-core structure, 196 wires are arranged in a stereoscopically and efficient manner so as to demonstrate further value in portable audio.

The adopted cable slider produces all processes in Japan.

It also has the effect as a vibration stabilizer.We consider various materials and adopt it.

We were concerned about the material with shape retaining wire for ear hanging. We evaluated selected materials for sound quality. As a result, we have adopted titanium wire with special treatment.
This makes it possible to support both handling around the ears and sound quality.


Newly developed original high-quality sound plug (MMCX, 2PIN) is adopted from STR7-Rh2 +. All parts were developed from scratch. The plug is suitable for Rh2 + sound.

【 Product lineup 】

STR7-Rh2+ 5pole Φ4.4mm-MMCX [MPN:ST7H2V544MX]
STR7-Rh2+ 4pole Φ2.5mm-MMCX [MPN:ST7H2V425MX]
STR7-Rh2+ 3pole Φ3.5mm-MMCX [MPN:ST7H2V335MX]
STR7-Rh2+ 5pole Φ4.4mm-2PIN [MPN:ST7H2V5442P]
STR7-Rh2+ 4pole Φ2.5mm-2PIN [MPN:ST7H2V4252P]
STR7-Rh2+ 3pole Φ3.5mm-2PIN [MPN:ST7H2V3352P]
[ Connector compatible with Sennheiser IE900 and IE300 has been added. ]
STR7-Rh2+ 5PoleΦ4.4mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300 [MPN:ST7H2V544ZIEM]
STR7-Rh2+ 4PoleΦ2.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300 [MPN:ST7H2V425ZIEM]
STR7-Rh2+ 3PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300 [MPN:ST7H2V335ZIEM]

[ Connector compatible with SONY IER-Z1R has been added. ]
STR7-Rh2+ 5PoleΦ4.4mmPlug-IER [MPN:ST7H2V544IER]
STR7-Rh2+ 4PoleΦ2.5mmPlug-IER [MPN:ST7H2V425IER]
STR7-Rh2+ 3PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-IER [MPN:ST7H2V335IER]
Length 1.2m(branch destination 45cm)
※The aging period will be in about 200 hours.

 *Here is the pin assignment of CIEM 2 PIN
 *4pole Φ 3.5 mm pin assignment is TRRS (from the top)
    T = L +
    R = R +
    R = L-
    S = R-   
    SONY ZX 2, NW-WM 1 Z / 1A, OPPO  etc.

 Product name STR7-Rh2+
Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor
Conductor structure Spiral77
Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal Follow each specification

 ※Partial specification change may be made without prior notice for the purpose of improving products etc. Please be patient.