◆STR7Ref. earphone re-cable 

There are many different types of BriseAudio earphone cables to choose from, so we've created a guide to help you choose the right one. Here's a guide to help you choose.2019 best cable prize won in HFN.We adopted STR7 (developed for compatibility between sound quality and handling) on the cable. STR7-Ref aimed at the ideal as an earphone cable and developed.
STR7-Ref adopted BriseAudio proprietary high sound quality design MURAKUMO structure as part. Furthermore, BriseAudio adopted newly developed original high-quality sound MMCX connector & 2 pin connector. It was treated with wideband nonmagnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material consisting of seven layer structure.

In addition, adopting L-shaped OFC plug 5 pole 4.4 mm · 3 pole 3.5 mm · 4 pole 3.5 mm · 4 pole 2.5 mm, the STR 7 - Ref realized further improvement in sound quality in many connection environments.

STR 7 Ref emphasized the band balance, even reproduced precise and fine sounds.
In addition, the sound of the tone color and the quality and the vast space expression has further evolved.
We gained overwhelming improvement of SN, wide range, good prospect of sound field space further.

The photograph is the 4 pole 2.5 mm L plug version of STR 7 - Ref.


and OFC-Pentaconn(4.4mm)It is a 5-pole 4.4 mm L-plug version of STR 7-Ref.It is a 4 pole 3.5 mm L plug version of STR 7 - Ref.FitEar genuine connector was adopted.

BriseAudio special BOX is attached.

Cable slider adopted for STR7-Ref is cut out from rare rosewood solid material with very high texture, and it is producing in Japan.
Even in terms of sound quality and texture as a product, it is finished very high grade.

We were concerned about the material with shape retaining wire for ear hanging. We evaluated selected materials for sound quality. As a result, we have adopted titanium wire with special treatment.
This makes it possible to support both handling around the ears and sound quality.

For prevention of jumping out and for safety measures, a bending process is applied to the tip

Newly developed original high sound quality connector (MMCX, 2 PIN) is adopted

The MMCX (2 pin) connector adopted for STR7Ref. has been developed independently by Briseaudio for the purpose of improving sound quality.
We examined many materials, fully use BriseAudio's know-how, and designed it with cost.It realizes a big sound quality update.
Furthermore, by shielding by wideband nonmagnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material (seven layer structure), a strong shielding effect is realized though it is a narrow space.
This aims for not compromised transmission up to the end of the signal.

With FitEar version it will be FitEar genuine clear terminal + titanium wire specification.

 OFC (oxygen free copper) L type plug of all kinds (5 pole 4.4 mm, 4 pole 2.5 mm, 3 pole 3.5 mm, 4 pole 3.5 mm) adopted

  OFC (oxygen free copper) L-shaped plug made by Nippon Dics Inc has sound of huge amount of information. High fresh sound and high purity sound overwhelm the others.Furthermore, it has the convenience of only L shape.
In order to maximize its performance, BriseAudio selectively constructed an 11-layer structure (including 3 layers of wide-band nonmagnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material with 7 layers structure) adopted as a flagship cable MURAKUMO selectively in effective locations .
By doing so, we realized overwhelming dynamism. In addition, it prevents decrease of information volume of arrival sound, and realizes reduction of noise floor.
Especially the mid-low range dynamic feeling, resolution, texture reaches the heights that can be said to be overwhelming.

Structure of MURAKUMO (11-layer spiral structure)

◆ Adopted BriseAudio proprietary New cable STR 7 (Spiral 77 structure).

Schematic of STR 7 【Spiral 77) structureSTR 7 (Spiral 77 structure) was developed looking for ideal of portable audio cable. Without sacrificing sound quality.
Aiming at the realization of both, it is a cable developed by introducing basic structure and original know-how like the pic.
We adopt high performance high purity copper with state-of-the-art technology poured into conductors.
As a result, it became a good handling while overflowing with the appeal different from the cable UPG001 which is the mainstream of BriseAudio portable cable.
In the 4-core structure, 196 wires are arranged in a stereoscopically and efficient manner so as to demonstrate further value in portable audio.

【 Product lineup 】

STR7Ref. OFC 5pole Φ4.4mm L-plug-MMCX [MPN:STR7ER544LMXB]
STR7Ref. OFC 5pole Φ4.4mm L-plug-2PIN [MPN:STR7ER544L2PB]
STR7Ref. OFC 4pole Φ2.5mm L-plug-MMCX [MPN:STR7ER425LMXB]
STR7Ref. OFC 4pole Φ2.5mm L-plug-2PIN [MPN:STR7ER425L2PB]
STR7Ref. OFC 4pole Φ3.5mm L-plug-MMCX [MPN:STR7ER435LMXB]
STR7Ref. OFC 4pole Φ3.5mm L-plug-2PIN [MPN:STR7ER435L2PB]
STR7Ref. OFC 3pole Φ3.5mm L-MMCX [MPN:STR7ER335LMXB]
STR7Ref. OFC 3pole Φ3.5mm L-2PIN [MPN:STR7ER335L2PB]
STR7Ref. OFC 5pole Φ4.4mm L-plug-FitEar [MPN:STR7ER544LFEB]
STR7Ref. OFC 4pole Φ2.5mm L-plug-FitEar [MPN:STR7ER425LFEB]
STR7Ref. OFC 4pole Φ3.5mm L-plug-FitEar [MPN:STR7ER435LFEB]
STR7Ref. OFC 3pole Φ3.5mm L-FitEar [MPN:STR7ER335LFEB]
[ Connector compatible with Sennheiser IE900 and IE300 has been added. ]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 5PoleΦ4.4mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300[MPN:STR7ER544LZIEMB]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 4PoleΦ2.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300[MPN:STR7ER425LZIEMB]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 4PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300[MPN:STR7ER435LZIEMB]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 3PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300[MPN:STR7ER335LZIEMB]
[ Connector compatible with SONY IER-Z1R has been added. ]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 5PoleΦ4.4mmPlug-IER[MPN:STR7ER544LIERB]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 4PoleΦ2.5mmPlug-IER[MPN:STR7ER425LIERB]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 4PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-IER[MPN:STR7ER435LIERB]
STR7Ref. OFC L-shape 3PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-IER[MPN:STR7ER335LIERB]

Length 1.2m(branch destination 45cm)
※The aging period will be in about 200 hours.

 *Here is the pin assignment of CIEM 2 PIN
 *4pole Φ 3.5 mm pin assignment is TRRS (from the top)
    T = L +
    R = R +
    R = L-
    S = R-   
    SONY ZX 2, NW-WM 1 Z / 1A, OPPO  etc.

 Product name STR7Ref.
Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor
Conductor structure Spiral77
Special 11 layers MURAKUMO construction, special electromagnetic wave shield
* Broadband nonmagnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material (7 layer structure) adopted
Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal Follow each specification

 ※Partial specification change may be made without prior notice for the purpose of improving products etc. Please be patient.