◆ASUHA Ref.2 Earphone Cable Total 20 Items

 There are many different types of BriseAudio earphone cables to choose from, so we've created a guide to help you choose the right one. Here's a guide to help you choose.
The ASUHA Ref.2 earphone re-cable uses BriseAudio's original 8-core cable, which is also used in ASUHA and ASUHA-Rh2+.
This is the top end of the ASUHA series with maximum attention to sound quality and ease of handling in actual use.
With ASUHA wire, BriseAudio's signature high resolution, low distortion with above-average clarity and a wide range of sound production, has great potential.

In ASUHA Ref.2, the know-how acquired through the development of YATONO has been applied to the new ASUHA Ref.2, in addition to the special electromagnetic absorber shielding material used in the conventional top end of the product.
By combining carbon nanotube materials and various other materials, we can create a new type of material
Sound quality is one step ahead of the conventional Ref. series.
This allows you to maximize the potential of ASUHA wire.

BriseAudio's custom-made L-shaped OFC plugs (5-pole 4.4mm, 3.5mm, 4-pole 3.5mm, 4-pole 3.5mm, 4-pole 2.5mm), designed by Nihon Dics, are used on the amplifier connection side.
MMCX & CIEM2PIN connectors are BriseAudio's original design for high sound quality and meticulous attention to detail.
Furthermore, A2DC, PentacconEar, and Sony's IER-Z1R dedicated terminals are used.

The sound is clear and wide ranging, with a high degree of reproducibility for speedy modern sources.
It has a solid core strength and a sense of torque, and is characterized by a three-dimensional sound image that is easy to capture.
The reproduction of a clear, contoured sound while maintaining a wide range of range is one of our benchmarks, and is an excellent characteristic of our products.


Cable slider adopted for ASUHA Ref.2 is cut out from rare rosewood solid material with very high texture, and it is producing in Japan.
Even in terms of sound quality and texture as a product, it is finished very high grade.

We were concerned about the material with shape retaining wire for ear hanging. We evaluated selected materials for sound quality. As a result, we have adopted titanium wire with special treatment.
This makes it possible to support both handling around the ears and sound quality.

【Original high sound quality connectors (MMCX, 2PIN)】

The MMCX (2-pin) connector was developed by Briseaudio to improve sound quality, and all materials were designed with Briseaudio's know-how and costly attention to detail.
A wide range of other connection types are supported, including PentaconnEar, A2DC, and IER-Z1R-specific terminals.

Furthermore, the connector area has been given the high sound quality construction that we have developed at YATONO.
Because of this, we have achieved a well-balanced and high-dimensional sound quality throughout the entire range by improving the precision and speed of description and emphasizing the depth of the mid-low range and harmony.

【OFC (oxygen-free copper) high sound quality original L-shaped plugs
(5-pole 4.4mm, 4-pole 2.5mm, 4-pole 3.5mm, 3-pole3.5mm)】

The L-shaped plug used in ASUHA Ref.2 is a custom-ordered plug based on the L-shaped 4.4mm OFC (oxygen-free copper) Pentaconn made by Nihon Dics.
Compared to conventional straight plugs, the handling of this plug has been dramatically improved and it is very easy to handle.
The OFC-L plug produces a volume of information, a sense of freshness and a high purity of sound that sets it apart from others, and can be used in a compact, easy-to-handle package.
In addition, BriseAudio's original high quality sound construction updated by YATONO development has been applied.

 4.4mm2.5mm4pole 3.5mm3pole 3.5mm

 【 Product lineup 】

ASUHA Ref.2- 5poleΦ4.4mm L-plug-MMCX [MPN:ASUER2L544MX]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ2.5mm L-plug-MMCX [MPN:ASUER2L425MX]
ASUHA Ref.2- 3poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-MMCX [MPN:ASUER2L335MX]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-MMCX [MPN:ASUER2L435MX]
ASUHA Ref.2- 5poleΦ4.4mm L-plug-2PIN [MPN:ASUER2L5442P]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ2.5mm L-plug-2PIN [MPN:ASUER2L4252P]
ASUHA Ref.2- 3poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-2PIN [MPN:ASUER2L3352P]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-2PIN [MPN:ASUER2L4352P]
ASUHA Ref.2- 5poleΦ4.4mm L-plug-A2DC [MPN:ASUER2L544AD]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ2.5mm L-plug-A2DC [MPN:ASUER2L425AD]
ASUHA Ref.2- 3poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-A2DC [MPN:ASUER2L335AD]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-A2DC [MPN:ASUER2L435AD]
ASUHA Ref.2- 5poleΦ4.4mm L-plug-IER [MPN:ASUER2L544IER]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ2.5mm L-plug-IER [MPN:ASUER2L425IER]
ASUHA Ref.2- 3poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-IER [MPN:ASUER2L335IER]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-IER [MPN:ASUER2L435IER]
ASUHA Ref.2- 5poleΦ4.4mm L-plug-PentacconEar [MPN:ASUER2L544PE]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ2.5mm L-plug-PentacconEar [MPN:ASUER2L425PE]
ASUHA Ref.2- 3poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-PentacconEar [MPN:ASUER2L335PE]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4poleΦ3.5mm L-plug-PentacconEar [MPN:ASUER2L435PE]
[ Connector compatible with Sennheiser IE900 and IE300 has been added. ]
ASUHA Ref.2- 5PoleΦ4.4mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300 [MPN:ASUER2L544ZIEM]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4PoleΦ2.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300 [MPN:ASUER2L425ZIEM]
ASUHA Ref.2- 3PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300 [MPN:ASUER2L335ZIEM]
ASUHA Ref.2- 4PoleΦ3.5mmPlug-Sennheiser MMCX for IE900, IE300 [MPN:ASUER2L435ZIEM]

 ※Here is the pin assignment of CIEM 2 PIN

 *4pole Φ 3.5 mm pin assignment is TRRS (from the top)
T = L +
R = R +
R = L-
S = R-
SONY ZX 2, NW-WM 1 Z / 1A, OPPO etc.

 Product name ASUHA Ref.2
Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor
Conductor structure W-Quad Spiral
Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal Follow each specification

 ※Partial specification change may be made without prior notice for the purpose of improving products etc. Please be patient.