◇Brise Audio High-end MINI-MINI Cable (L type ⁻ Short stroke version)

BriseAudio mini-mini cable L shape short stroke version.
Normal version is here.
We adopt L-shaped plug type of our mini-mini cable for people who want to be connected in the shortest possible length, want to minimize the protrusion from the player, etc.
It will be embodied model of the mini-mini cable think of BriseAudio.
Toward a unparalleled resolution, amount of information , high freshness low noise floor , wide-range,We developed poured the know-how gained in high-end home audio and professional audio for cable production .
With the BriseAudio mini-mini cable
We adopt high purity copper wire designed to make sound quality the highest priority for audio.
 Considering the sound quality also for the insulation coating, we have adopted a material that can be used for a long time even in a hard environment.
Wiring material should be placed the same structure and the same material , increase the noise resistance by twisting , there is also the physical flexibility .
This structure will contribute to high- quality sound and the cancellation effect of vibration .
A major feature that is common to SHINKAIMA & SAMUNE & MURAKUMO , Extremely it is currently not available and has a expensive is the adoption of a special Broadband non-magnetic special laminated.

The structure is the same as the normal mini-mini cable (straight plug).

 While effectively shielding effect by effectively laying out, we are getting very good sound quality.
With respect to micro vibration generated by the cable itself and vibration received from the outside, by using a plurality of special materials, it effectively attenuates and greatly reduces the influence on the sound quality.
We put up the guarantee .Also, by using multiple special materials effective for different bands,
It is possible to suppress the increase of the capacitance of the cable due to the drop of the high range and obtain the high range with high accuracy with high accuracy.
In the audible range, it has a good effect on the entire band including the low frequency range.
In an actual connection environment surrounded by noise and magnetostriction disturbing music signal transmission,
In order to realize the accuracy of the sound, the denseness and the low noise floor, in order to achieve high noise resistance,
Adopted a proprietary multilayer spiral structure. We are trying to optimize repetition of sample listening and trial production, such as material placement and direction.
As a result, dramatic improvements were also obtained in auditory sense in a wide range of bands.
In this way we will check whether not break when bent or twisted until shipping . *The photograph is MURAKUMOwe have adopted a very complex structure in upper grade, but we finished to maximize flexible by its own know-how.
MURAKUMO & MASAMUNE will have a low of overwhelming unrivaled noise floor level.The fusion of audio pleasures and the music is born from here.
Please to experience the space that filled air has fresh sound and spread to vast .

The straight mini-mini cable is here.

Material  Ultra- high-purity copper
conductor  0.18/37 x 6 0.18/37 x 3  
Construction  SHS(Shielded Hexagon Spiral) STS(Shielded Trident Spiral)
Spiral  11 -layer spiral structure 9 -layer spiral structure 9 -layer spiral structure
Insulating coating High purity fluorocarbon polymers    
Shielding  Wide band Non-magnetic Special laminating electromagnetic wave Absorbent all covered+Various vibration damper+
Various Special material+Insulation material 
Wide band Non-magnetic Special laminating electromagnetic wave Absorbent partially covered+Various vibration damper+Various Special material+Insulation material
Terminal  CFRP stainless 1/8TRS Plug
Surface Processing:Non-magnetic Rhodium plating 
  copper alloy 1/8TRS Plug (Terminal with silver&Rhodium Plating)
Surface Processing Hard chrome plating

MURAKUMO(MURAKUMO-6):BriseAudio OCD SPECIAL(obsessive compulsive disorder).
                     It was developed at a cost unlimited.However , imposing a very high resolution to the system .
MASAMUNE:BriseAudio MASAMUNE is reference model that was adjusted to be accepted by many the system
                    in the way that all know-how to adopt.
SHINKAI:Shinkai adopt some of the know-how for the reference model, and so we were able to reduce the cost
                without putting the big differences in sound quality .