IZANAGI mini-mini cable is a line cable for portable audio which used all the know-how obtained by IZANAGI earphone cable which we have produced for exhibiting as our concept model at various audio events.
With the IZANAGI mini-mini cable, highly functioning materials including our proprietary shield are layered on the entire cable with a multilayer structure. The plug at both ends adopted high quality OFC-L plug (3 poles 3.5 mm) made by Nippon Dicks.

By adopting newly developed materials in IZANAGI, it is a model that raises the speed of rising of sound by increasing the tracking ability to modern sources, while keeping the information volume and resolution of our MASAMUNE, MURAKUMO grade as it is.

※ As new materials are not in stock next time, IZANAGI mini-mini cable will be discontinued as soon as the material stock is gone.

 ▶The cable lineup is as follows.
IZANAGI MINI-MINI-CABLE 3pole 3.5mm to 3.5mm [MPN:IZAMINI335t335]


Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor
Conductor structure -
Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal High quality OFC plug made by Nippon Dicks

8 cm (excluding plug part)

 ※Partial specification change may be made without prior notice for the purpose of improving products etc. Please be patient.